Mitochondria Helps You Stay Warm and Burn Fat

How Mitochondria Helps You Stay Warm (even in this weather!)There is a timely and informative post this morning at Backdoor Survival about hypothermia. Informative even though it neglected to mention how mitochondria helps you stay warm, but we’ll get to that. Timely because it’s 3.7° F here right now and we could actually suffer this horror in our own backyard. Yikes. When we first moved to Kentucky . . . → Read More

Food Allergy Causes and Cures

food allergy causes, curesYes, food allergy causes and CURES. The cure boils down to one item: heal your gut. There are several routes to the cure, just like there are several routes to gut health destruction. Funny, a not-so-funny thing is that every single path to gut health destruction I’ve ever heard of is FDA-approved. Just sayin’. This post on one of my yahoo groups is what set me off on gut health: “The past three years I’m dealing with food . . . → Read More

Back Away From That Spice: the FDA Spice Study Says it Could Kill You

FDA Spice Study ignores the spice bazaar in Istanbul where spice merchants have been selling spices safely since 1660Yesterday’s Activist Post article by Heather Callaghan mentioned an FDA Spice Study. Really? the FDA is studying spices? Because “spices are dangerous”? Why, in fact, yes, they are. Click here . . . → Read More

Is Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch GMO?

Is Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch GMO?I’ve been reading up on resistant starch and how beneficial it can be for healing your digestive tract. I’ve just started taking 1 T.* at night mixed in a little water (or kombucha or beet kvass). Pretty tasteless, and, yes, you get vivid dreams. Wow. *Working my way up to 4 . . . → Read More

Baker’s Green Acres: a $5 donation will save this family farm for Christmas!

Three Ways to Donate: When you shop at Amazon, use the Baker’s Green Acres Family Affiliate Link – it doesn’t cost you anything and can raise hundreds of dollars for the family. Just use it for your holiday shopping! Donate with PayPal: Choose the “Send Money” option, then send via a credit card or your PayPal or bank account to Donate with a check to: Baker’s Green Acres, Inc, 1579 Brinks Rd., Marion, MI 49665 FYI: The above video is from Christmas 2012 and the Bakers had to raise money to get through . . . → Read More

Crazy Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe

Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe‘Tis the season for a delicious hot chocolate recipe, right? Lately, we’ve been indulging our hot chocolate yayas almost every night. Today, however, at 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, there’s already a batch brewing. Icy rain outside, hot chocolate inside. A perfect combo. Here’s how to make our version. Please share yours in the comments — enjoy! Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 Gallon raw milk (if you can’t get raw, use pasteurized) . . . → Read More

Staying Off Coffee After Quitting Coffee: The Bulletproof System

quitting coffee you can sleep when you're deadWhen you find one, let me know. Quitting coffee was a good experiment in keeping my word and taking it slow. Staying off coffee, well, big fat fail on that score. And I couldn’t be happier. I felt great off coffee, at first. I slept a LOT during the process and the first week or so. My energy was starting to stabilize, I . . . → Read More

My New Standing Desk: I Love It!

My new standing desk office space whizforhire.comThe ultimate goal is a treadmill desk. I’m working my way up to that. Until then, I figure, why not turn my sitting desk into a standing desk? It’s healthier than sitting all day which contributes to all manner of . . . → Read More