Congressional Reform Act of 2012

“Civil disobedience, that’s not our problem. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.” ~ Howard Zinn

I did a lot of thinking on my day off of the www. You’ve likely seen other versions of this. I took the basics and re-wrote it to suit me. Very satisfying!!! Please look it over and tell me what you’d change or tweak. I’m all ears. Then let’s figure out how to ram this down Congress’ throat the way it does its little pet projects — like NDAA, SOPA & PIPA, the Patriot Act, TSA, S510, the Drug War, etc. — all of which rob us of our money and our liberty.

Congressional Reform Act of 2012

WHEREAS The American people did not make contracts regarding salary, pensions, and health care benefits with Members of Congress (hereafter “MoCs” or “MoC” singular). WHEREAS MoCs made these contracts with themselves with money they took from the American people. WHEREAS serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. WHEREAS the Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, MoCs should serve their term(s), then go home and get back to work.

1. Salary:

  • MoCs may collect a reasonable salary while in office and receive no pay when out of office. “Reasonable” to be defined by the MoC’s constituents.
  • MoCs may not vote on a pay raise for themselves. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

2. Social Security:

  • MoCs (past, present & future) must participate in Social Security.
  • All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system. It may not be used for any other purpose.
  • Any MoCs putting forward a bill or resolution that even hints at using Social Security funds for any other purpose will be fired from Congress immediately.

3. Pension:

  • MoCs no longer receive a pension.
  • All pension/benefits contracts with past and present MoCs are null and void, effective immediately.
  • Pension payments to past MoCs will cease immediately.
  • Any MoC who complains must begin repaying all pension money paid to him/her to date at 8% interest amortized over however many years s/he served.

4. Health Care:

  • Health care benefits for MoCs cease immediately.

5. Enforcement of Laws:

  • Congress must abide by all laws imposed on the American people.
  • MoCs found guilty of breaking any laws must serve the minimum jail time.
  • MoCs are subject to random drug tests to be conducted at the whim of their constituents no more than twice a month.
  • Should any member of the public smell cannabis around a MoC or around a MoC’s relative, pet, office, home, car, plane, boat or other private property, citizen may conduct a search of the premises immediately. This is not a joke. As soon as cannabis in all forms is legal without government oversight of any form, this provision shall be null and void.

6. Term Limits:

  • MoCs shall be allowed to serve no more than two consecutive terms. [This is up for debate. I can see the danger of term limits. Plus, with no pension, no health care, reasonable salary, and no automatic salary increases, why will a MoC want to stay?]

7. Federal Employees:

  • Numbers 1 through 5 above apply to all federal employees, effective immediately.

NOTE: MoCs and federal employees may secure health care in the private system at their own individual expense and are free to invest their personal funds in their own retirement plan. We are assuming here that Obamacare is a thing of the past. It will be in Kentucky, thanks to David Adams.


Pretty good, huh? What did I leave out?


Sally lives in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky with her husband of 20+ years and two gigantic sons. She is a Weston A. Price chapter leader and blogs to meet like-minded farm food freedom advocates. She's hoping you join us in the real food rEVOLution!
  • IT

    What idiot wrote this? There is no way this is constitutional. It’s like a conspiracy theorist’s policy remedy. I’d think through these. Immeadiately firing a Congressman who hints at touching social security? Unconstitutional. Illegal search and seizure without probable cause and a warrant? Also unconstitutional. Wow.

    • Sally

      I wrote it. Actually, Social Security is unconstitutional. Smelling marijuana is probable cause for a cop to search you today. What’s good for the goose, as they say. You might consider reading the Constitution, then think it through before you come back and post your righteous drivel on my blog.

  • Ken

    LMAO !!! I totally agree with you Sally. As much as, we the people, would like to see all of these become a working deal I don’t think it will ever happen. We need to tackle each one separately or in smaller groups. It might take more than just a few years but we need to start now so it will get done sooner rather than later. I would also like to see it go back to a popular vote. Get rid of the Electoral College system. Just my thoughts. 

  • Sally

    Unfortunately, getting rid of the electoral college and going back to the popular vote would make us a democracy. “Two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for lunch.” If we were to be ruled under the tyranny of the majority, our lives would be run by public servants who now outnumber regular citizens. No thank you. The founders set it up so that we would not be a democracy, but a republic.

    The problem is that our current crop of “representatives” don’t follow the Constitution. They do whatever the heck they want.

  • Jim

    While the concept is appealing, most of your proposals are nonsense.
    What is unconstitutional about Social Security? You and I may not like it or the way it is administered, but which article states it’s illegal?
    Would you like to have your pension canceled retroactively? Maybe you don’t have one so you don’t care. Those auto workers who lost their pensions a few years ago probably wouldn’t agree with you.
    The problem with Congress has nothing to do with Social Security, pensions, or marijuana (maybe you should try some), or even tenure. The problem is partisan politics and PACs. As long as ideology is more important than progress and buying votes is commonplace and legal, we are doomed to the same recalcitrant, ineffective government we have.

  • Jean

    There is a Document which states such things as Social Security are unconstitutional, simply because it never mentions them. That meets the definition, and the document is the CONSTITUTION. You might want to READ it once or twice, just to get the flow…

    Then go back and start paying attention to what is said. the enxt best piece of horse is the Communist Manifesto. They’re about equal to each other… More’s the pity. US Constitution was a coup to dismantle the Articles of Confederation and replace them with a strong central government backed by banks – exactly what had been fought against in the Revolution, actually. You won’t find THAT in the school books, though.

    I also have to disagree with Sally on a few things:
    – You cannot unilaterally rewrite an agreement. (I know the government does this all the time, but it’s still illegal. You must negotiate a new contract. I’d point out that “THEIR revolution” is also always illegal, while “OUR revolution” is not, ever. “Murder” is illegal, while “execution (by government agent)” is not, in many places. We should use that to enable us to abrogate the problems of unilaterally re-writing immoral (not illegal) contracts noted in #2 and #3 above: If Representative A will not forfeit their ill-gotten gains, then an execution for treason will likely let others see things OUR way – and it won’t be Duress, as we haven’t threatened them, either…)

    We are talking about a government that routinely abuses it’s powers anyway, in a beautiful little circle-jerk that the American sheeple worship…. It will never reach a “critical mass” in the country, that didn’t even apply to the revolution.

    #6 will be thrown aside quickly, and doesn’t change things much. Senator -> Representative -> Senator -> Representative, etc. And Supreme Court (in)Justice is still life-long.
    Even with a two-term temporary cap, it won’t change enough people often enough. TWO TERMS, ANY OFFICE. PERIOD. Gridlock is good, actually, when everyone is against the Average Person anyway. Without the concerns of being re-elected, however, we might find a few representatives who actually wish to BUILD our conuntry, instead of profit from dismantling it. Then they go (back to) real life. So, one could serve as Senator (meaning 6 years as a “term”), and then as a House of Representatives Rep, and then be OUT of politics – PERIOD. Those who say NOTHING will get done, I’m not so sure of that; it’s like a standing army, people find USES for what’s just sitting idle – like determining that your personal vegetable garden is illegal, or that Goat’s milk is contaminated and should be banned en masse, or that the American People have too many guns for proper “governance”, or that the rare Speckled Woodpecker, who happened to find a tree on your land, is endangered, and you are not allowed to use land within 500 feet (or whatever) of that bird’s home – but you WILL pay taxes on that land… Or a bureaucrat (House, maybe?) in Washington, D.C., will decide HE knows more about potato farming in Idaho than YOU do, so you’re not allowed to grow Russets (like the cold, say), you MUST grow Red Bliss (which die if the temperature drops below 75 F – Made up as an example, understand, but could just as easily be Corn with Ethanol subsidies, etc.)

    As for pensions and health care, et al: the benefits come from “other people’s money.” For me, unless they take suicide pills every 2 years, it’s UNACCEPTABLE I’m paying for their healthcare – I’m not seeing any ROI. I want the human filth DEAD, not enriched at my (OUR) expense.

    Unless these people answer to ME (US) in a tangible way, and are making decisions based on the good of the COUNTRY (State is Ok, too – but not when it’s a “for sale” situation, no “bringing home to the state the bacon [federal pork]“), they need to be ousted, frequently, as their alliances are detrimental to the country’s well-being. Example: NJ could use some help these days. But it’s up to the citizens of NJ (or Long Island, or NYC, or RI, or…) to actually DO something. It’s NOT the purview of the Federal Government to come in and “FIX EVERYTHING” – You KNEW where you were building, you KNEW the risks. Shame on YOU if you didn’t have insurance. (OTOH, if the insurance balks at paying fair market value, different problem.) But it’s not the job of Uncle Sam to make it all better. YOUR life, YOUR responsibility.

    Etc. And that’s WITHOUT the really “out there” conspiracy BS, the government is just a necessary evil. It can “protect” or “Help” you out of all you own, including your LIFE, or you son’s or daughter’s life – WITH IMPUNITY. (and then there’s the draft, too.) So we need more fangs than these suggestions have, and means to enforce them. THEN I’ll be on board.

  • Jean

    One question, meant to include it and forgot with my blustering:
    What’s the PROBLEM with term limits, please?

    If it’s just that “nothing will get done,” I’m not sure I see a problem… ;-)

  • Sally

    I agree that nothing getting done would be good thing. They can’t stop making us all felons… From what I gather, term limits would prevent us from keeping good people in office. Ron Paul… Very few examples of THAT problem, lol.