Back Away From That Spice: the FDA Spice Study Says it Could Kill You

FDA Spice Study ignores the spice bazaar in Istanbul where spice merchants have been selling spices safely since 1660Yesterday’s Activist Post article by Heather Callaghan mentioned an FDA Spice Study. Really? the FDA is studying spices? Because “spices are dangerous”?

Why, in fact, yes, they are. Click here to read the FDA Spice Study, a 200 page report on the health dangers presented by spices. Yeah, spices… like cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne.

The FDA Spice Study took 26 paid staff personnel three (3) years to complete. An additional 54 people were thanked for their contributions, the majority of whom are on a US government payroll.

Why all the fuss? Here’s why:

Foodborne Illness Outbreaks from Microbial Contaminants in Spices:

During the period 1973-2010, fourteen reported illness outbreaks were attributed to consumption of pathogen-contaminated spice. Countries reporting outbreaks included Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, United Kingdom, and the United States. Together, these outbreaks resulted in 1946 reported human illnesses, 128 hospitalizations and two deaths.

To clarify: over a 37-year period in 9 countries with a combined population of 583,000,000, there were 14 “spice outbreaks” resulting in 1,946 illnesses with 128 hospitalizations and 2 deaths. The 1,946 represents .000000333% of the 583 Million. Never mind the infinitesimally small %, the FDA has concluded that spices are dangerous.

My math whiz husband just pointed out that the cohort (the 583M) is actually much larger because, in 37 years, people die, new people are born. The infinitesimally small number just got smaller.

Honestly, not even Al Gore could make this stuff up.

The real danger is revealed in the conclusions drawn by the FDA. For instance, even though only a handful of spices were associated with an outbreak [see below], all spices are implicated. All of them. Because spices, you know, are put on moist food where bacteria can grow. (That is pretty much a direct quote from the study.)

FDA Spice Study

Furthermore, since most spices are imported, the FDA needs to set up shop in all spice-exporting countries and TEACH THESE MORONS HOW TO EXPORT SPICES SAFELY.

Never mind that spice merchants have been selling this stuff since before time began. This guy took pictures of a bazaar that’s been in operation since 1660. No matter, the FDA knows all.

And besides, you know, the FDA has such an impeccable track record for keeping its charges safe and healthy. Forget the fact that, since we’ve had an FDA, we are fatter and sicker than we’ve ever been. That was all caused by something else and the FDA is going to do a study on that. Sit tight.

Seriously, the FDA Spice Study is ludicrous. It’s insane. Outrageously insane. Right out of MAD magazine. And your tax dollars paid for it.

Get ready to ante up some more because if the FDA gets to proceed with its plan to save us from our spices, not only will your tax dollars pay for all those trainings, inspections and new regulations, not to mention new offices, employees, travel benefits, vacations, cars and pensions, your spices will become more expensive and less available.

Meanwhile, are you safer? Is anyone being protected here? Not in the least. The only thing being protected here is FDA job security and continued expansion. Now that is scary.

Populations: Canada 35M, Denmark 5.6M, France 66M, Germany 80M, New Zealand 4.5M, Norway 5M, Serbia 7M, United Kingdom 63M, United States 317M = 583M total

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  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I ate dinner while reading this. My weird dinner contained black pepper, turmeric and sage. Oh noes! Weesa gonna die!

    Other than a few big government loving nanny state ninnies, We the People are fed up with all of this government regulation and interference into our lives, but unfortunately, our big government monster is out of control. It matters not one bit that we don’t want this regulation. We’re going to have more regulation from our supposedly representative government, whether we like it or not.

    FDA study results: Spices are by far the safest substances under FDA purview.

    FDA conclusion: More spice regulation is needed.

  • Susanwd

    This is so outrageous! Spices are dangerous? Yet the FDA is dragging their feet regarding arsenic in our rice, chicken, juices, and even beer. The following is what the FDA has said regarding rice: “Rice is an important staple for many people, and the arsenic levels that FDA found in the samples it evaluated were too low to cause any immediate or short-term adverse health effects. All consumers, including pregnant women, infants and children, are encouraged to eat a well-balanced diet for good nutrition and to minimize potential adverse consequences from consuming an
    excess of any one food.”
    And regarding dangers to infants, the FDA says this: “Infant rice cereal has been used for many years because it is gluten-free and rarely causes allergic reactions. Parents should follow the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics and feed their infants and toddlers a variety of grains as part of a well-balanced diet.
    The FDA recognizes that children routinely eat rice products and that by
    tradition many infants are fed rice cereal as their first solid food. According
    to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no medical evidence that rice
    cereal has any advantage over other cereal grains as a first solid food and
    infants would likely benefit from an array of grain cereals.” We need to ask this question: Who is the FDA protecting?