My New Standing Desk: I Love It!

My new standing desk office space whizforhire.comThe ultimate goal is a treadmill desk. I’m working my way up to that. Until then, I figure, why not turn my sitting desk into a standing desk?

It’s healthier than sitting all day which contributes to all manner of disease as well as a host of negative consequences.

Not to say that standing all day is a bed of roses. Oh, no. It is tiring when you first start — you are, after all, exercising after a fashion — and it is especially hard on the feet. I can attest to that. But, heck, I’m already getting over both of those.

The worst of the standing desk troubles seems to be increased risk of varicose veins. While not completely preventable, there are steps we can take to mitigate our chances of getting them. The Mayo Clinic suggests:

  • Exercising (okay, okay)
  • Watching your weight (I’m watching it…)
  • Eating a high-fiber, low-salt diet (you know me: I take diet advice from mainstream sites with an extra grain of salt)
  • Avoiding high heels and tight hosiery (no worries there)
  • Elevating your legs (while your husband rubs your feet, right?)
  • Changing your sitting or standing position regularly (got that one covered)

Risks aside, a standing desk beats sitting in my book. I’ve found I’m more alert while working. Taking breaks is easier to do — I’m already standing, after all. I don’t have to “get up” to manage other tasks around the home office. And I don’t have to sit and go through all the adjustments to get back to work. The whole process of stepping away and getting back is hugely simplified with a standing desk.

My heart rate is elevated which makes me breath deeper. I’m all around more conscious. Plus, I’ve only been standing for two weeks and my back and legs are already stronger.

How I Made My Standing Desk

If you click on the top photo, it opens bigger in a new window so you can see details.

I placed 8 reams of paper (stacked in 2s) under a 24″ x 24″ piece of 1/2″ plywood. There are two milk crates on their sides on top of that with the monitor and computer on top of them. It doesn’t sound that stable but it really is. And I love the milk crates with the cubicles — very handy!

The keyboard and mouse are on top of the plywood. I think I need the keyboard and mouse one ream of paper taller, so need 4 more reams. I’d like the plywood to be a bit wider, too. I’m thinking 24″ deep x 30-36″ wide.

standing desk alternatives

Here’s a fun picture of another standing desk idea.

I’m toying with getting a mini-trampoline to stand on which will require the keyboard to be higher still. This would solve a number of problems and be a good intermediate step between standing and treadmilling.

Plus, rebounding is very good for the lymph nodes, according to Chris at Rebounding was part of his cancer curing protocol. This hubpages report on how rebounding releases toxins gives a very detailed explanation as well. A rebounder seems like it would be a worthwhile addition to my scheme, yes?

Once I get the dimensions all settled, Hal said he will build me a custom desk. Heh, heh, he loves me and he wants me productive!

The Perfect Standing Desk Chair

The Boss Medical Stool for my standing desk, $68 and free shipping

Of course, I won’t stand all the time. This chair is now winging its way to me. (I would have purchased locally but could not find one.) Of all the standing desk chairs I saw, this one got the best reviews and is a reasonable $68. A foot ring would have been nice but none of those chairs had such good feedback.

Research shows that standing even 20-50% of the time is beneficial and mitigates the risks of spending too many hours sitting. Because of working online, I’ve been sitting for a living for almost 8 years now.

Looking back, I sat quite a bit before that in all my jobs. This standing desk idea is a welcome change.

If you are disciplined enough to take breaks during the day, good for you! I’m not… I have been known to sit on my derriere the whole day long. I love my new standing desk. It’s very freeing and feels like a healthier choice.

Do you sit or stand? What do you do to mitigate the risk and monotony of sitting all day?

Sally Oh

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