Crazy Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe

Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe‘Tis the season for a delicious hot chocolate recipe, right?

Lately, we’ve been indulging our hot chocolate yayas almost every night. Today, however, at 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, there’s already a batch brewing. Icy rain outside, hot chocolate inside. A perfect combo.

Here’s how to make our version. Please share yours in the comments — enjoy!

Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe


1/2 Gallon raw milk (if you can’t get raw, use pasteurized)
1/2 C organic coconut oil*
1/4 C organic cocoa
1/4 C raw honey
2-4 lightly beaten pastured eggs (optional)

 *See the little layer of oil under the froth in the top photo? Click to make larger (it’s sideways, thank you, iPhone). Adds a little tropical flavor to your hot chocolate and is good for you. Yum!


Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe: Everything in the pan, waiting for a little heat before mixing

If you use eggs: pour milk and eggs into a pan and briefly mix. You don’t want the eggs to cook.

After that or if you don’t use eggs, put everything into the pot and turn heat up to 6-7 (when Hi is a 10).

Do not mix yet.

After about 4 minutes, when the milk has lost its icy edge and started to warm up, when the coconut oil is starting to melt, then you can mix. Cocoa powder takes forever to mix with ice cold milk, but it does just fine in warm milk.

Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipe: when it's a little warm, mix away!I use a hand mixer, my husband (the chef) uses a whisk.

Heat to desired temp and serve. If you are really adventurous, sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top.

Best. Hot Chocolate. Ever. You’ll see!

You could really go crazy and make home-made all-natural marshmallows to throw on top. (If you do, please report back. I haven’t done this yet.)

And, if you have an option that makes your hot chocolate extra delicious, please share below. Thank you!


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