What is Cancer?

What is cancer? It’s the result of unhealthy cells ganging up on some tissue(s) in your body, overwhelming the healthy cells. We don’t “get” cancer cells; we already have them. We develop cancer. Actually, we allow cancer to develop.

Harsh words, I think.

For almost 10 years, I’ve been reading, talking with, listening to, and studying health blogs, sites, podcasts, documentaries, books, doctors, chiropractors, smart people, moms, dads, husbands, wives, and children. That’s my conclusion.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about what I’d do if I got cancer. That was before I really got it that I’ve already got it. We’ve all got cancer cells all the time. If you are one of those nutty people who only believes men in white coats, ask ‘em. They’ll confirm.

Actually, I don’t think anyone who reads this blog only believes men in white coats. But if you know someone like that, share this video with them. If they still trust the FDA, Big Pharma and a doctor after this 13 min talk, they might be in real danger of being one of the 200K to 400K people killed by Big Medicine every year.

Cancer becomes dangerous when your immune system malfunctions, meaning your guard is down. If we were smart, we’d prevent this from ever happening.

How does your immune system malfunction?

  • Not taking care of our emotional needs: laughing, talking, connecting, daydreaming, de-stressing.
  • Not taking care of our physical needs: nutrition, air, sleep, movement (tabatas, baby, tabatas), breathing, sex.
  • Eating poison: GMOs, faux foods, sugar, pesticides, solvents, chemicals, chlorine, fluoride.
  • Dousing your body with poison: chlorine, fluoride (both in your shower), chemicals (body and home conditioners and cleansers). Your skin is your biggest organ.

We’ll leave the other set of chemicals (mattresses, pillows, carpeting, furniture, pollution) out of the picture for now. At the moment, we have little choice about those poisons.

Aside from furniture, we choose everything we put in and on our bodies. We choose how we deal with stress, when and how to sleep, how and if we relate to others.

Simple, right?

Here’s my simple cancer cure:

Feed your body, not your cancer. Supplement, sleep, de-stress, detox. That’s it.

Chris Wark and Bill Henderson on Cancer

I’m hot on the cancer prevention topic because of Chris Wark’s latest interview with Bill Henderson. Fantastic!

Here’s the bottom line for me: there are thousands of people all over the world right now and for decades prior who are curing themselves of cancer with natural methods. Without (much) fear. Often without much cost! These survivors are everywhere.

Meanwhile, radiation causes cancer. Chemo has a 2% success rate. Both facts that men in white coats will confirm.

In fact, Stephanie Seneff, a very smart person, postulates that tumors actually HELP your body defeat cancer cells! She also points out what we’ve known for some time now: mammograms are taboo. They cause more cancer than they cure!

That does it for me. Who are you gonna call?

Sally Oh

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