Beets Carrots Turnips -- the Gerson CureThis resource should be called “Wacky Alternative Cures” because no conventional doctor would prescribe any of it. They probably don’t even know about these!

Though no one in my immediate family has had cancer or MRSA, I’ve tested most of these treatments on myself and often my family. Yes, I did tell them first. Usually.

So far, we are still alive and most often better for it. The worst that’s happened is nothing.

Plenty of people in my extended family have died of cancer or been stricken with things like gout and diabetes (both preventable and curable). Not a one of them considered alternative cures. They went with conventional. The ones with cancer died. The ones with gout and diabetes are still sick and taking pharmaceuticals.

My husband and I decided, pretty much no matter what the dis-ease, conventional treatments are out. Should we need healing, the basic research on alternative cures is here. Fear-based decisions are never good. I’m looking to prevent that!

Our focus these days is on preventing dis-ease by detoxing and gaining vibrant health. If you need healing, I hope you find something here that puts you squarely on that path!!!


♥ My Alternative Cancer Cures blog post and the Cancer Is Curable post.

♥ Post about Dr. Bert Berkson who cures liver and pancreatic cancer

♥ Chris Beat Cancer – 3rd stage colon cancer at age 26 — by throwing everything including the kitchen sink at it. That’s what I would do: everything I could think of and heard of. I don’t care if I don’t really know what killed it… as long as it’s DEAD. Excellent site with tons of information and Chris is a joy. Sifting through the therapies can be a litle daunting which is one of the reasons I created this page. When I write about a protocol or wacky treatment that Chris used, there will be a link to his site and experience. Tons of videos and explicit directions. Love him.

♥ Restore Protocol: From the site:Substantial evidence suggests the ketogenic diet is a valid approach to cancer management. Evidence also suggests that drugs that manipulate metabolism (DCA, 2-DG, 3-bromopyruvate, and pheylbutyrate) have the potential to be valid, approved therapies – the same with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And, as luck would have it, these therapies are all relatively nontoxic, cheap, and safe. This strategy allows an immediate implementation of effective new therapies to cancer patients.” I’ve never used this protocol but it fits with everything I know today. Right in line with the “starve the cancer” theory.

♥ Starve The Cancer: In this TEDTalks video (20 min.), William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases. Anti-angiogenesis therapy prevents the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. Without food, tumors cannot grow. The crucial first (and best) step is to eat cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game. Smart. Here are two sites related to this video: Eat to Defeat Cancer which outlines the foods that work with links to evidence and The Angiogenesis Foundation.

“Imagine that one medical advancement holds the promise to conquer cancer and more than 70 of life’s most threatening conditions. This is the promise of angiogenesis.” — Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of The Angiogenesis Foundation

♥ LDN or Low-dose Naltrexone cures cancer by stimulating your immune system. It’s referred to as “low-dose naltrexone” because it was originally used to treat addicts at 50mg doses. To stimulate your immune system, you only take 4.5mg, hence LDN. Read Burt Berkson’s book on using alpha lipoic acid and LDN to cure liver cancer. Seriously. We buy LDN online in pill form, then mix with water. If you have a cool doctor, you can get it by prescription in a cream or pills. This link leads to an LDN yahoo group which is where I learned everything I know about it.


Not sure about the boron cure here but interesting that milk on Hawaii was testing at 400% higher in radiation in 2011. Wonder what it is now? Here’s the thing about milk, as the Milk & Honey Farm owners point out:

Why is milk contamination significant in the world of agriculture? Because milk represents the overall condition of the entire food chain, since cows consume grass and are exposed to the same elements as crops. So, when milk tests positive for radiation, it indicates the entire food chain is contaminated since cows eat grass. When grass is contaminated everything grown in the same soil is contaminated.

Yep, milk is the radiation canary in the coal mine. What to do? We don’t know yet… Can you become a nuclear scientist in time to save your life from a nuclear disaster just by reading on the internet? I sure hope so. Here’s what we do know:

♥ Iodine: Definitely take iodine. Read about it here including where we buy it and where to get more information on iodine. Bear in mind that iodine is not a CURE, it’s a prevention. You have to take it now to keep your thyroid from absorbing radiation. Hal calls it a radiation raincoat for your thyroid.


My MRSA cures blog post. Please read the comments — some good suggestions there.


♥ DMSO: Hal bought some in a bottle at the Cave City machine gun shoot. Tonight, we put some on his hands (arthritis) and his ankles (no cartilage so the guy can hardly walk) and my throat (looking for a miracle cure for my voice). I’ll keep you posted! Although we didn’t buy this brand, there’s good info on DMSO here.

♥ BoronRead this–fascinating. (Thanks to Kris Johnson for such a superb resource!) Boron cures pretty much everything. Since the FDA wants to ban it, I want some NOW. So I made a concentrate of 1 tsp. borax (20 mule team) in a quart of distilled water, then we take 1 tsp of that concentrate once or twice a day. This one tsp has about 30 mg borax which = 3 mg of boron, a therapeutic dose. I started researching this in earnest for Hal’s arthritis and his ankles. He still likes walking around!

♥ Colloidal Silver: I’ve put it in my eyes and plenty in my body. Zero bad effects. Cures my eye trouble–I get pain in my left eye, I think from eye strain. Hurts like a headache. I put a drop of two in my eye and the pain goes AWAY. Weird, but yay! If I feel a cold coming on, I put a few droppers-full under my tongue and no cold. Great stuff. Steve Barwick is a great resource. I bought a gallon of colloidal silver at Utopia Silver for half price.