Local Events

Food Pyramid by Sandrine Hahn on behalf of Nourishing Our Children.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved. You found us: the Weston A Price Foundation or WAPF Kentucky! We occasionally have meet ups and talk about — what else? — FOOD. Real food. Real, nutrient dense food, where to get it, what it is, how to raise it, how to cook it, store it, preserve it, ferment it… we pretty much know how to eat it although we’ll probably talk about that, too.

If you’d like to join in the local fun, please sign up with our Meetup Group: Meetup.com/Let-Your-Food-Be-Your-Medicine. You’ll get a notice about all get togethers.

And/or like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/WAPFLexington

And/or you can subscribe to this blog — we post all events on all three sites.

We’d like to have more events. For the moment, we have them every couple of months. More in the summer, of course.

Don’t forget to subscribe to FFFKy.org as well. Farm Food Freedom is an issue in Kentucky. We are lucky to have such great legislators who are on the ball, but Big Ag corporations still have an in and local agencies still have an agenda. They will not stop trying to close this “good food” notion down. We must remain vigilant.

Thanks for reading the blog. Hope to see you at an event!



  • june

    2 bad everbody isnt into this that would b the only way it would work

  • Sally_Oh

    Everybody better get into it because it’s the only thing that will save the earth, I am convinced of this. Spread the word :)