It Doesn’t Get Any Dirtier Than This

S510, the Monsanto GMO Protection Act, passed the Senate on Sunday night. Sunday night. They waited till a Sunday night when no one but they knew they would meet or that this would be the agenda.

“Wait,” asks little Virginia, “There was no vote. How did it pass?”

Correct, Virginia, there was not a vote. It passed by what is called Unanimous Consent. Which is actually a misnomer because there was no unanimous consent. There was unanimous keeping their mouths shut and their hands in their laps. And, hopefully, their eyes glued to the floor in shame. (I am such a hopeless Pollyanna, I think there might be shame in a house of Congress.)

See, Unanimous Consent works like this: a bill is waved before the Senate and the clerk shouts out, “If no one objects, we will assume you vote yes.”

No one objected, so BANG goes the gavel, food freedom takes a hit and Monsanto sighs in relief. The really sad thing is that if just one Senator — just ONE — had objected, this bill would be dead. ONE objection is all it would have taken. ONE.

But no one objected. Not even one of the 25 Senators who promised their constituents they would vote no on S510 — even though they voted no in the actual vote a couple of weeks ago. Not even one of my two Senators — Jim Bunning, who is retiring which makes him incredibly dangerous, and Mitch McConnell, who is surprisingly powerful for a man who can’t keep a promise — after they both promised — PROMISED — they would vote no.

Not only that, Mitch actually orchestrated this travesty with Harry Reid. Which means that, not only did he not object, he made sure all the other Republicans didn’t object. Proving once and for all that, at the very least, the Republicans in the 110th Senate no tienen cojones.

Does it get any dirtier than this? I can’t imagine how. By the way, the FDA is hiring.

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7 comments to It Doesn’t Get Any Dirtier Than This

  • ginnee

    And you still have hope….WAKE UP!!!! You can not win playing their game by rules. Just wait for the next election, I am sure everything will be better then. Nothing will be better…just more fraud, more treason, more murders, more war, more debt, less Constitution.

  • I can’t even talk. I’m in mourning. Seriously. Mourning for Pollyanna.

  • The Constitution of the US ceased to have any meaning years ago. Other than that I agree with Ginnee. Any trust is the system is hopelessly naive.

    All the best this holiday season. I hope you are not too cold.
    jorge recently posted..A big win in Costa Rica

  • April

    In light of all that we are aware of that is continously leading us into, at the very best, slavery and at worst a slow death by chem trails, I have to ask you why you ever left Costa Rica and came back to this G-d forsaken country?

    I ask because I am currently making efforts to relocate to Costa Rica with myson as soon as humanly possible.


  • Thanks, Jorge. Not too too cold, but it takes some doing!!! All the best to you all, as well. Family AND chickens and fish and garden… goats? Cow?

  • Hi April, I wrote about why we came back here:

    I had to come back, I was driven. We miss Costa Rica like crazy. You will give up a lot to live there in the way of conveniences, more than you ever dreamed. I think that is a mistake we made: I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Hal and I, once we have some savings under our belts, plan to go back. But I will know what I’m giving up and what I’m getting.

    If you are running from the U.S., you will not get far enough going to Costa Rica. It is a little U.S. in so many ways. Arias and Laura have sold out to the U.S. gov in many ways: Monsanto has an open door, the U.S. gives CR $300K a month “for fighting the drug war” but we know it is for obedience. It’s not so different UNLESS — and this is the big thing — you can go there, afford to not work so you don’t have banking issues, have already set in place privacy plans like offshore accounts, llcs, etc. All things that are illegal to set up now, by the way, without a social security number attached. Our big hope was for privacy but that is no longer possible.

    The other thing for me personally, is that I have a need to fight the system. Sick and useless, I know. But I am so happy to be here and be able to dig my hands in the mess… I’m actually hoping I get sick of it before long and give up. We’ll see.

    Good luck with your plans. DON’T MOVE THERE BROKE. And don’t take all your money with you. It will be taken from you if you are not really really careful.

  • Debora Edholm

    Amen to that Sally. How is it going there? Debora from Uvita.

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