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I’m thrilled! You have my permission with three caveats:

#1 You can only share partial posts with a link back to as follows:

<a href=”URL OF THE BLOG POST YOU ARE SHARING (be sure to leave in the quote marks before and after)” target=”_blank”>Continue reading here!</a>

The “target=”_blank” makes sure my blog will open in a new tab/window so the reader will not leave your blog. You can delete this part if  this is not important to you.

The Trouble:
If you were to copy the entire post, there is a chance that Google will “D” list us both. Not good, lol!

#2 You may not modify the post in any way.

#3 You attribute the post to as follows:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”, about keeping the second fifty years as alive as the first!”>YOUR TEXT HERE</a>

The “YOUR TEXT HERE” is like “I found this post interesting on another blog today” or “here are some good tips on…” Something like that. Doesn’t have to have the blog title in the text.

Thank you! Any questions, let me know!


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