MRSA Treatment: Alternative Options

“All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates
“You are what you eat. Literally.” Me

MRSA bacteriaIf I had MRSA, I’d consider the following critical elements of alternative MRSA treatment. I wouldn’t leave out a single thing and I’d jump in with both feet. I already do most of this and have for years. Btw, I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice. In fact, I don’t go to doctors unless they are alternative.

10/20/13 UPDATE: Oregano Oil has been found to be effective against MRSA. Here’s a study conducted in Europe: “In conclusion, the findings of the present study indicate that oregano oil, in addition to other properties, has a potential as a topical antibacterial agent against MRS strains.”

9/26/13 UPDATE: Marijuana can kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and disrupt the progression of prion diseases such as Mad Cow disease and Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, this according to a resource sponsored by the publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine. Read more here.

1/12/13 UPDATE: I’ve stumbled across some excellent info. The first is a treatment called bacteriophage: using bacteria to CURE bacterial infections. Fascinating!

The second is a website:

MRSA Treatment: Food & drink I’d consume

♥ 2 Tbsp ACV + 1/2 tsp baking soda upon rising and after dinner. When fizzing stops, I fill my glass 1/2 full with cold water (makes it more palatable) and drink. Tastes kind of like stale beer. I drink this 2x a day, first thing in the morning and after dinner, plus whenever I feel the burn in my throat from acid reflux. Stops it immediately. I could add a tsp of Manuka honey (with the highest UMF possible) to this, but I don’t. Why ruin the honey? Oh: ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar and I only use Bragg’s because it’s unpasteurized so still has all the good in it.

♥ Probiotics via supplements or via unpasteurized fermented foods like kefir (here’s how to make kefir), whole milk yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi. Pasteurization kills all the probiotics. Store-bought yogurt and kefirs have had probiotics added back in and is the easiest way for us to get probiotics when away from home. At home, we make our own kombucha and drink 8-16 oz every day. We love Dave’s GT Kombucha at Whole Foods or Good Foods Co-op. If I had to buy kombucha again, I’d buy in bulk. Worth every penny.

♥ Diatomaceous earth (food grade, not the pool stuff): 1 Tbsp in a glass of water. Tastes like muddy water because, well, it is. I drink this every night before bed. Yummy! I buy my DE here. Last time, I bought 9lbs. Next time, I’m buying 50.

♥ Eat a raw organic non-irradiated garlic clove once a day: crush the clove, mince, mix with honey, swallow. I mince it teensy because it goes down easier that way. Crush it first — crushing releases allicin which is the pertinent compound! Garlic is believed to kill parasites and to be good for lung health. Definitely do not want MRSA in my lungs.

♥ 2-4 Tbsp organic coconut oil everyday. I buy this in the 1 gallon tub. I put a Tbsp in my coffee every morning, 1/2 – 1 Tbsp in my tea during the day and use 2 Tbsp to make my (1/2 Cup) organic popcorn at night. Why? It’s antibacterial — I put it on a cut and watch the healing begin! It also numbs the cut which is a bonus. Plus, coconut oil has been shown to fight dementia and coconut oil is full of good fats and enzymes.

♥ Manuka honey: 1-2 tsps morning and night, midday if I felt like it. The higher the UMF, the better. The highest I’ve found with a quick search is the ApiHealth at 20 UMF. You can also apply this externally to staph lesions.

♥ 1 tsp organic turmeric powder in half a glass of warm water 3x a day for several days. This can make me constipated, so I start slow and build up. It is sold in capsules (expensive). I buy in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs or Good Foods. Turmeric is a traditional Ayurvedic Indian spice, is anti-inflammatory and a blood purifier.

MRSA Treatment: Supplements I’d take

Every one of these is critical. Amounts are per day. I buy my supplements from Use this code BOY303 to get $5 off your first order. Free shipping on orders over $40, too. I like NOW brand just because I’m familiar with it. I use powders whenever possible. There is nothing added and they are much more economical. I make a palatable concoction by mixing my powders and iodine in either kombucha or plain full-fat yogurt with a little honey.

♥ An updated supplements list and where to buy recommendations, found here!

♥ Vit C intravenously (usually 25,000mg to 50,000mg a shot) Takes about an hour to hour and a half. If my doctor wouldn’t do this, I’d find one who would. There are plenty.

MRSA Treatment: What I’d stop eating, using

♥ No sugar of any kind, including fruit and honey except for Manuka and only as directed

♥ No white flour products

♥ No bread of any kind

♥ NO low-fat/no-fat/skim milk products. Mainly because they are filled with chemicals and simple carbs that translate to sugar in our bodies. Sugar is BAD, especially when we are sick!!! Here’s the other thing, fat is essential: our brains and bodies need this! When we want dairy, we only consume raw or cultured. Read up on pasteurized milk. It’s disgusting. Raw dairy is full of the good bacteria and enzymes our guts need to fight off infection and inflammation and to properly digest food.

♥ Stop using all chemical hygiene and cleaning products. I use coconut oil and baking soda for deodorant (rub coconut oil on pits, pat on some baking soda, wipe off around the pit so excess bs doesn’t get on clothes), baking soda to wash hair (1 Tbsp for my short hair mixed in a little water, rub thru hair till hair feels silky, rinse well). Baking soda and white vinegar for cleaning, can add a little Dr. Bronner’s soap to the mix.

MRSA Treatment: What I’d put on it

This, if I could get it.

♥ Milk of Magnesia for a poultice. I’d get the generic kind that is only MoM, no additives.

♥ Iodine tincture or Lugol’s externally

♥ Garlic Baths, 2-3x per week:
Crush 4-6 cloves of organic non-irradiated garlic (look for white/green sprout in middle of each clove). Let stand 20 minutes to allow allicin to develop. Add garlic to warm bath. Submerge as much of the body as possible. I’d soak as long as possible, two or three times a week. I’ve been told that a garlic bath may make skin condition appear worse after the first bath. But that is my experience with many of my alternative remedies: sometimes things get worse before they get better. I have learned not to be scared off and I’ve learned to trust my instincts.

♥ Manuka honey externally

RASH UPDATE: Just after I wrote this, my husband got a rash all over his body. Nothing worked to relieve it or diminish the itch. It took 2 weeks to fade significantly just like it says all over the internet. I researched the heck out of this and, other than allergic reaction to any number of things, there is no known cause of a rash. And pinpointing what that thing might be in the normal course of a day with nothing obvious is nigh impossible.

A little about MRSA

MRSA is a bacterial staph infection created by the overuse of antibiotics, says the Mayo Clinic. You can’t make this stuff up:

Antibiotic resistance: MRSA is the result of decades of often unnecessary antibiotic use. For years, antibiotics have been prescribed for colds, flu and other viral infections that don’t respond to these drugs. Even when antibiotics are used appropriately, they contribute to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria because they don’t destroy every germ they target. Bacteria live on an evolutionary fast track, so germs that survive treatment with one antibiotic soon learn to resist others.

So I’d be hard pressed to continue any antibiotic treatment. Especially after I’d done that treatment once and the MRSA came back. That means the antibiotic didn’t get it all. [Remember that I am not a doctor, I'm sure not a rocket scientist and this is not medical advice.]

Besides which, “antibiotic” means anti-life. It kills everything in the gut: all the bad and all the good. This does not leave us healthy enough to fight any infection or inflammation on our own.

Symptoms of MRSA in humans and animals include:

  • Skin and soft tissue lesions, like boils
  • Necrotizing fasciitis (necrotizing means tissue-killing)
  • Necrotizing pneumonia
  • Sepsis (a septic infection)

(Surprising) MRSA treatment @ Wikipedia:

Wikipedia offers a wealth of information on the topic. Near the bottom of the Wikipedia page is a list of alternative treatments (look for Big Pharma to heavily edit this page at some point) currently being researched by mainstream doctors, like:

Essential oil diffusion: An in vitro study on the inhibition of MRSA by essential oil diffusion found that 72 of 91 investigated essential oils exhibited zones of inhibition in soy agar plates streaked with MRSA (strain ATCC 700699). The most effective being lemongrass oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus), lemon myrtle oil (Backhousia citriodora), mountain savory oil (Satureja montana), cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum verum), and melissa oil (Melissa officinalis) essential oils. Of these, lemongrass essential oil was the most effective, completely inhibiting all MRSA colony growth. … Tea tree oil also kills all MRSA strains that have been tested.

Since MRSA begins in the nasal passages, I would definitely be investigating lemongrass oil. Cuidado! Essential oils are very powerful medicine. We use several essential oils now for a variety of things, but I researched as well as I could first.

The psychedelic mushroom Psilocybe semilanceata has been shown to strongly inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus. [Love this! I never took these in my party days, but many smarter people than I did with no regrets!]

Initial studies at the University of East London have demonstrated that allicin (a compound found in garlic) exhibits a strong antimicrobial response to the bacteria, indicating that it may one day lead to more effective treatments. [And I love it when the mainstream starts to investigate "home made" remedies!]

A report released in 2010 details the efficacy of the active ingredients of a new composite dressing (hydrogen peroxide, [bunch of pharmaceuticals], and silver) against MRSA.

A 1990 study tested MRSA isolates obtained from veterans and found they could be killed by several substances … and suggested that topical applications of hydrogen peroxide may be useful to reduce MRSA on skin and some mucous membranes. [There is a wealth of information regarding H2O2 treatments for a variety of ailments. On my list to research along with colloidal silver.]

A 2010 study noted significant antimicrobial action of Ulmo 90 and manuka UMF 25+ honey against several microorganisms, including MRSA. The investigators noted the superior antimicrobial action of Ulmo 90 honey, and suggested it be investigated further.

And dead last in promising MRSA treatments on Wikipedia? Marijuana.

Cannabinoids (components of Cannabis sativa), including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabigerol (CBG), show activity against a variety of MRSA strains.

This is probably the thing that works best. But why would a corporation spend money pursuing this? It’s just a weed and ya can’t make money on a weed anyone can grow in a backyard. Just sayin’.


A commenter mentioned usnea and I did some research. I’m going to try it for my lungs and throat. Here’s what I found helpful:

Mountain Rose Herbs to learn about and buy Usnea

Basic info on usnea

SCIENTIFIC: pubmed and UK info

How to Use/Applications:

  • TINCTURE- 2-5 ml 3 times daily. The tincture of Usnea is best used for internal problems such as colds, Lupus, Bronchitis, etc.
  • DOUCHE- 5ml of tincture in 2-3 ml of water, use daily for up to 10 days.
  • SALVE- best to use a salve of Usnea for external infections except for burns.
  • WASH-either 5ml of tincture in ½ cup of warm water or make infusion as a wash for burns.
  • INFUSION- may make infusion for internal use…1 cup 3 times daily

More information

Earth Clinic cures

More information on usnea

Experience from the MRSA Forum:

Re: 6 months of MRSA | Reply #53 by Karen R (USA) 11/3/08

It has been 3 years since the last infection of any proportion has hit my husband. He/I battled it about 2 years. It was standard treatment at first with zyvox at 30 days. This helped initially for about 3 weeks and then the nightmare started it’s vicious, painfully debilitating and torture filled routine again.

Being aware of the antibiotic cycle and thanks to the internet we used several helpful natural products and stopped antibiotics, and has been symptom free for 3 yrs. To get this far took diligence and cleanliness (especially pus — burn it if possible). Bleach was used at first along with Hibiclenz. Please deeply clean and destroy all infected bandages/clothing.

We found the following to kick it excellent…
- Usnea (herbal tincture) At first itch (max at 7 day rest 3 start again if needed)
- Wild Mediterainian Oil of Oregano (for serious immune support and anti-bacterial both topically and internally)
- Manuka Honey from New Zealand (for dressing/wound packing)

The first sign (of itch/redness/pain/BB feeling pimple), he took Usnea internally at 10-15 drops 3-4x a day plus a drop at sight rubbed in. It will have a feeling of tingling (eating it) from the inside/underneath. Drop back dosage to 2-3x day for day 4-5 then 1-2x day 6-7. rest 3 days (no Usnea) and repeat again if necessary.

This along with a regular regime of Oil of Oregano 2-4 drops 2-3x day to boost immune has it kicked, generally without going to full boil each time. Put in shot glass of tea or juice to take.It will burn but only a few seconds (worth it)

Generally if the Usnea is taken immediately there is no issue but in case you scratched/tried to pop pimple(implodes it into sinus like cavities)and it goes to a small boil, the manuka honey will need to be packed in to help disintegrate the pus and speed heal the wound.

I am trying to quickly document our success so if there is someone looking for a natural cure this is it. Good luck

Other Links

Author’s Notes

As I said above (just before reminding you that I am not a doctor and to read my full disclaimer), I do most of this already and will not hesitate to do all of it if I get MRSA. And I would do all of it, attack if from every front. Maybe I’ll never know what actually killed it, but I can live with that.

I’ve been obsessively reading alternative health sites for about eight years now. As a result, we’ve changed the way we eat and started down the road to detoxing the poisons from our bodies that our government has allowed be put there, like GM foods, dangerous pesticides and whatever the hell it allows to be sprayed in our skies all day every day.

The FDA will never seriously study alternative MRSA treatments because there’s no money in it for the head regulators of said agency nor for the companies they silently represent. If I want to find any treatments outside the mainstream, I must search the world wide web and depend on anecdotal evidence. Of which there is a MOUNTAIN. Thank goodness people are eager to share. Over the years, I’ve learned to separate the wheat from the chaff. After a couple of years, you’d start to get good at that, too.

Here’s the other thing: I won’t get MRSA because my gut is getting healthier and my immune system stronger every day. I believe I can ward off any disease. Big Pharma isn’t interested in funding any study on how to ward off disease.

Any questions or suggestions, please share all that below. I am anxious to learn more! Thank you.


Sally lives in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky with her husband of 20+ years and two gigantic sons. She is a Weston A. Price chapter leader and blogs to meet like-minded farm food freedom advocates. She's hoping you join us in the real food rEVOLution!
  • Laurie

    Other treatments you might consider adding to your list should include additional antibiotic herbs. I highly recommend the book “Herbal Antibiotics“. Some can be grown at home, others may be purchased in bulk.

  • Sally

    Thanks, Laurie. The book is on my wish list!!!

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  • anne main

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. I also have a blogspot but don’t really know how to get the information out onto the net. I load it with all I know about natural therapies and the simple cures.
    I have bought magnisium chloride but find it expensive. I’m going to give our flakes a try now.
    My blogspot is
    I haven’t been able to upload much lately as I have been quite ill with a staph infection and broken femur head on a hip resurfaced prosthesis that has now been removed so I have a temp at the moment until the infection is cleared before I can have a THR. I have used iodine four drops a day of 7% Lugol and Manuka honey, bicarbonate of soda but because I have to take strong antibiotics that make me sick I am only taking the iodine regularly. I finish my antibiotics on Monday (can’t wait) and then she go into a serious natural health treatment.
    Be nice to keep in touch with you. Regards, Anne (York, UK)

  • Sally

    Hi Anne, I found your blog at You don’t need the www and you do need a period just before “blogspot” — great stuff there!

    Good luck with your treatment. Please keep us posted on your recovery. If you post on your blog, share it with us. I want to know what is working.


  • Kim

    Hi Sally!

    I so appreciate you website..especially the treatment you suggested for MRSA…i had 3 breakouts in a 5 month spread…the last one in May…my doctors kept prescribing antibiotics (which did work on the symptoms) although they kept lancing them!

    Anyway, the doctors said (I went to 3 different ones) that diet had nothing to do with it..I found your website on my journey to find some alternative to the antibiotics. And there you were!!!! I have been a 90%’er on eating clean, no sugar, white flower, the supplements recommended, etc. And I can say no breakout for 5 months!!

    I want to thank you!!! Love the site…also celebrated 2 1/2 years sober…at 53 THAT is a miracle.

    Love you!! Keep it up!!!

  • Lindsay Wilson

    Just make sure the K2 is MK7 (natto-derived is a good one). I couldn’t tell if the one you suggested was… Are you dealing with a MRSA infection right now? This is your daily routine — and for how long did you do this?

    Also, usnea is a great lichen-fungus that is used for staph infections. I’d like into that as well…natural medicine — you would need a tincture of it. And, you can find it most places in forests.

  • Sally

    Hi Lindsay, I don’t have MRSA — I had a friend who had it so I did the research. Yes, we take MK7, I will clarify that! I do the supplements and the DE everyday, no sugar or white flour or bread for me. I’m completely different on bread and sugar and off. Amazing. Energy level completely different. I’ve never heard of usnea but I will look — I’m just starting to get into herbs and shrooms, essential oils. A whole world of alternative health info out there! Nice to have you here. There’s an image not showing up on your blog so you have to scroll down to read, just fyi.

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  • S Kluesner

    While I appreciate the alternative approach, the following statement you made above could lead to the death of individuals. You said “So I’d be hard pressed to continue any antibiotic treatment. Especially after I’d done that treatment once and the MRSA came back.”

    Mayo Clinic was referring to the evolution of MRSA as a whole, not the cause for its development in a specific individual. Untreated MRSA can within a short time lead to amputations and even death once it enters the bloodstream. The statement is really bad and dangerous advice.

    • Sally

      Hopefully, I’ve made it clear that this is not advice. This is what I’d do if I had MRSA which I don’t and never have. Perhaps my recommendations would change if I did have to deal with it.

      I have no faith in Western medicine’s ability to cure anything. MRSA is a gold mine for hospitals and insurance companies. A patient cured is a customer lost. I hold this cynical view from direct experience.

      • Pierre

        Hi Sally,

        I completely agree that modern medecine is often not about finding real cures, and does everything it can to keep real, often inexpensive cures hidden from the general public.
        Your article about mrsa is very well researched. I have been battling mrsa for 3 years, doing better, and praying I will completely eradicate it. Most of what you wrote is exactly what a mrsa sufferer should do in my opinion.
        Thank you very much.
        God bless you.

        • Sally Oh

          Thank you, Pierre!

  • Emma

    Hello Sally! Thankyou for all the great information, I was wondering where you read about the magic mushroom helping aid staph infections? I am currently suffering from it and antibiotics don’t seem to be doing the trick – I was wondering if you could link me to this information as magic mushrooms grow in my area and my partner uses them personally (: thankyou so much! Emma

  • Sally Oh

    Hi Emma, I got that from the Wiki article which references this paper:

    Do a search on the web, too. I’ve been reading about mushrooms a lot lately — seems like there has been renewed interest in the benefits of all kinds, not just “magic.” :)

    Another cure I’m researching is Burdock root. A friend of mine re-attached her daughter’s toe with it, no scarring, nothing. I’m wondering how that would work on MRSA… more on that soon, I promise!