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Strawberry Ginger Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

This is vying for first place for greatest dessert ever. Seriously, it’s that good. Here’s how to make it:

1 Qt. strawberries

1 Chunk of fresh ginger: about 2 fingers, peeled

1 Dash (filtered) water

1 Tb confectioner’s sugar

Remove green tops from strawberries and chop up, set aside in bowl. Mince ginger fine in the Cuisinart, adding a dash of water to help it purify.

Add the confectioner’s sugar (or honey or Xylitol) to the ginger at the last blast in the mixer. Add ginger to the strawberries, stirring well. Freeze until almost frozen — not sure how long it was… oops.

Take out, break it up and put in Cuisinart. You could use your Vitamix here, as well! Blend till sorbet — only takes a few seconds!

The ginger gives it a nice bite, we ♥ ginger! Vary the sweet and ginger to taste. YUM!!!

To make this into ice cream, put 4oz sorbet and 8oz cream (grass-fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, thank you), a splash of honey and a splash of vanilla into your ice cream maker. Turn on, wait, then, voilà!

Once you’ve made ice cream and sorbets at home, it’s impossible to eat it out. Home made is soooooo much tastier, creamier, healthier. Plus, unless you are adding it yourself, you don’t get the anti-freeze found in store-bought ice cream! Cool.

5 comments to Strawberry Ginger Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

  • Paul M.

    Thanx Sally…

    Sounds perfectly scrumptious. Gotta try it soon.


  • Hey Sally,

    Good timing for this recipe — we’re en route to Salt Lake City to spend three weeks with the new grandbaby (yay!) and I bought a little ice cream maker on eBay that’s waiting for us there. Can’t wait to try it. (This’ll be the first time we’ve been out of CR for this long in YEARS. Seems a bit odd already, although we’ve got lots of shopping and eating planned!) Hope all is well there with you.


  • Hey Arden, how are you enjoying your trip? gotta be good with a new grandbaby!!! hope your book sales are going well. I haven’t look at abroad in awhile… need to go sort things out over there! pura vida, saratica

  • Having a SUPERB time in SLC — who’d've thought that simply sitting around holding a baby could be so entertaining! And we’re having a blast doing grocery shopping (and cooking) with all the foods we can’t get in Costa Rica. I know we’ll be glad to get back to CR, but I suspect we’ll go through a bit of culture shock all over again. (OMG, the ROADS here are amazing!)

    Book sales are going along pretty well. TOTALLY need to do some “marketing” — getting articles out there, etc. — but Amazon sales go right along well just from folks searching. It’s the first book that comes up if you search on, say, moving (or retiring) to Costa Rica. So, no complaints. And reviews (and just response in general) has been very good, so that’s gratifying. Next one — Thirty Days of Food — is due out in July. ;-) Keep posting — I miss hearing what’s going on with you guys.

  • Good report and I’m happy to hear the book sales are going well despite lack of intense marketing!

    My life is getting back on track (do I say that a lot???) and getting back to telling all my secrets, lol!

    Let’s see, I’m 55 and the boys are 18 and 19. I could POSSIBLY have a grandchild in the next 5 years or so. Trying not to push it… Enjoy!

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