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Series: Grow Your Own Food #1

This is a topic I am passionate about lately. I can’t wait to start growing my own food!!! We are within city limits on a lot about 70 x 125. We don’t own it so anything we build must be portable as possible. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. Definitely doing greenhouses so we can grow in the winter.

I’m not growing my own chickens to eat, by the way. At least not yet. I know that’s what it looks like from the photos. I’m actually talking about growing plants to eat, but, since I’ve never grown food, I don’t have any photos. That’s coming. In the meantime, these gals are my Costa Rica reds — Ethel top left, Eva and Lucy to the right — and I miss them. They are still livin’ the pura vida with Miss Mary and her family who are now enjoying those delicious fresh eggs!

There are tons of city gardening ideas out there and thousands of people doing this. Why not me? I mean, besides the fact I have a black thumb. Ha! That’s just a minor detail to be overcome, right? Heck, I know I can grow food. I can grow kefir, keep it alive and producing. I kept the kids alive, didn’t I? And my chickens were beautiful and healthy and loved. Certainly, I can grow a garden. Soon as that last freeze happens, gittin’ me some chickens so we can have fresh eggs everyday. Maybe a beehive, too. And a goat. Ok, maybe not a goat ’til I get the whole gardening thing under my belt…

In the meantime, while I scheme, I’m posting my favorite “Grow Your Own Food” videos and articles. They are very inspiring to me, hope you enjoy them, too. Here’s to 2011 and growing your own food!

7 comments to Series: Grow Your Own Food #1

  • robin

    I’ve had a garden for several years now. The first one was in containers. Like you’d put large {and some small} houseplants in, and in rubbermaid tubs. lol. Last year we planted a small plot in the ground, but found we are living on a bed of limestone so weren’t able to till very deep. This coming spring I’m making raised bed planters – should help with the weeds too. This year I learned I despise weeding. a lot. Always learning something new. :)

  • We are doing containers also. Just not enough sun in the little back yard so we moved pots into the front of the house, taking over! Looking for land if you know any good deals in Southern Pacific we are searching. As for raising food, rabbits are the easiest in our experience and pretty tasty. Chickens are too hard to butcher. Have fun in your yard! Pura Vida!

  • Yeah, I’m not sure I’m hot on gardening but, hey, I like to eat enough I guess I’m willing! Weeding? There’s weeding?

    Ok, Robbie, you guys move to the Southern Pacific, I’m going, too. We are jonesin’ bad for Costa Rica…

  • Paul M.

    Happy New Year Sally!

    If you’re thinking seriously of growing some of your own food try to select something that is easy to grow but not many people do, like several kinds of peppers. That way you can use part of your crop to barter for other stuff.

    Also grow some tomatoes, fer sure. That way you’ll have really decent ones that you can enjoy and they’ll be ultra-fresh and tasty. There are all kinds to choose from.

    Try Tomato Growers Supply Company in Ft. Myers, Fl.

    They have a great selection and are fairly priced.

    And in a modest sized greenhouse you should be able to do some container gardening to increase your crops of selected veggies.

    Remember there’s nothing wrong with having a brown thumb if it’s brown because it has compost smeared on it!

    Stay warm!

    Paul M.
    In chilly Tampa where the orchids in his greenhouse are warmer than he is in the house! [sigh]

  • I discovered your blog searching for blogs about Costa Rica. I live in Lex and just returned from a two week vacation there and I’m hooked. You seem like someone I’d like to meet! http://www.chrissysphotoaday.blogspot.com
    I’ll be reading about your years living abroad. Thank you!

  • Thanks for all the tips, Paul! You are a font of information and I appreciate it.

    And Chrissy, I looked at your pictures of Costa Rica on your blog and I have tears in my eyes!!! I recognize all those places, been there, done that. Can’t wait to show them to my boys and Hal, they will love it. We miss Costa Rica terribly. And yes we have to meet. My phone number is 859 940 1469 so call me and we’ll have coffee! Or we’ll meet for pizza at Mellow Mushroom with family…?

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