“Thank Goodness for the FDA.”

Said a doctor on one of my yahoo groups. Really, Dr. Rick? You can honestly say “thank goodness” with a straight face? Wow. The man must never read anything but medical journals ghost-written by Big Pharma.

I’m pretty new to that list and was worried about sounding a little harsh. Fortunately, that never stops me:

Hi Dr. Rick,

This might sound a little harsh, but there appear to be some facts left out of your FDA tribute. Like the fact that prescription drugs kill far more people than illegal drugs and that’s when used as prescribed. (Search that fact anywhere. Except maybe in medical journals ghost-written by Big Pharma. Research that factoid, too, while yer at it.)

I prefer caveat emptor over trusting the FDA, which is, as we speak:

1. on a mad campaign to relieve of us supplements;

2. spending millions to raid (with weapons) and arrest raw milk farmers and food buying clubs;

3. in collusion with the USDA to close all direct pathways between farmers and consumers, including criminalizing commerce between the two;

4. preventing terminally ill patients — who have been given a death sentence anyway — from having easy, affordable access to experimental or alternative treatments. Mostly by banning and/or arresting providers after making the treatment illegal.

If they care so much about my health, why do U.S. government agencies allow GMOs — which are banned in at least 30 countries — into our food supply? Why do they spend every waking moment figuring out a way to force us — either with laws or guilt or shame (for infecting the rest of the world) — to vaccinate known poisons into our children and ourselves? Why would they even consider making us drink fluoridated water which is banned in at least 19 countries? Or keep marijuana — a miracle drug by the government’s own admission and study — illegal, then imprison people for YEARS for a victimless crime? If marijuana is illegal, why isn’t alcohol? Or SSRIs which have actually been responsible for suicides and mass murders?

There’s more but I’m just on my first cup of coffee. The FDA and the USDA should be closed down and everyone on salary charged with criminal endangerment in collusion with Big Pharma and Big Ag and Big Oil.

Going for that second cup of coffee. Brace yourself.


P.S. You know, of course, that the USDA co-owns the patent to the Terminator Seed with Monsanto. There’s a nice arm’s length relationship. I’m sure the USDA still has our best interests at heart even with all that profit and power floating around.

Too harsh?

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