Alternative Medicine: Dr. Burt Berkson and His Work on Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer and All Manner of Liver Disease

I would say, Alternative Medicine: Berkson’s Work Curing Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer and All Manner of Liver Disease, but the FDA* would put me in jail for making unsubstantiated claims. Since Berkson can’t afford to do the zillion-dollar studies required by the FDA to substantiate claims, and since I guess cured people don’t count (seriously?), any claims made about a couple of frickin’ vitamins curing cancer would be labeled  “unsubstantiated.”

Maybe the FDA thinks all Berkson’s cures are circumstantial? Or luck? Yeah, that’s probably it. Luck. Something, coincidentally, Dr. Berkson’s patients seem to be blessed with an abundance of.

In fact, Dr. Berkson, former investigator of ALA for the FDA, has cured it all and talks about it all the time (see links below). Wonder why the MSM won’t pick up the story?

It’s probably just as well he doesn’t make headline news, actually. Then the AMA might run him out of the country like they did Hoxsey, Gerson and Caton, among others. I guess Big Pharma doesn’t like competition.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, I’m not wild about competition either. I’m wondering if there’s a way I could run all the other real estate brokers out of the country so I could have the entire market to myself? Need to get to work on that.

On one of my zillion forums, a woman asked for information on how to cure pancreatic cancer. One of her relatives was just diagnosed and she wants to talk to him about alternative treatments. I wrote to her (shared below) and sent it off.

Then I thought maybe some of you might know someone with pancreatic cancer or liver cancer or liver disease or any other kind of cancer and could use this information. (If you don’t now, just keep living. The sad fact is, you will.) Please share this so I feel useful. ♥ Here’s the letter:

Dear Janet,

Do some research on Dr. Burt Berkson (there are other Berksons out there). He’s healed pancreatic cancer and all manner of liver disease with LDN and ALA. My husband has a bad liver from hemochromatosis. He takes 4.5mg (about a tsp) LDN and 600mg ALA every day. He’s still with me!

Here are a few links to get you started:

✓  VIDEO: Dr Burt Berkson talks about LDN in Pancreatic Cancer and In Autoimmune Disease at the LDN Conference in LA October 2008: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | 33 Min. Total

✓  VIDEO: Dr. Berkson speaking at the NIH in 2009: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | 50 Min. Total (Probably some of the same case studies and information as in 2008.)

✓  VIDEO: Dr Mercola and Berkson talk about ALA in 2009. 6 Min. Total

✓  Berkson’s book on ALA. Available in paperback and Kindle

✓  This is a link to a blogger who’s done a ton of research and uses Berkson’s ALA and LDN treatment for his Hep C.

✓  This is a transcript of a talk Dr. Berkson gave in 2010.

✓  There’s also this story of a woman who cured her cancer using ALA, LDN and baking soda. Why not?

steve jobs Dr. Berkson ldn and ala protocolBest of luck to you in convincing your relative to take a chance on alternative medicine. My husband and I have lost several relatives, both sides, and, so far, none would consider it. I wanted to shake them and say, “What do you have to lose?” Maybe next time, I will. What have I got to lose, you know?

Dealing with cancer can be such a sad time in our lives (been there) or it can be victorious — fortunately, we’ve been there, too! You are in our thoughts and prayers, Janet. Please let us know how it goes for you.

PHOTO: Might Steve Jobs be alive today had he tried Dr. Berkson’s LDN and ALA protocol?

God bless us, every one. If we can survive being poisoned by the USDA (GMOs), the FDA (keeping us from alternative treatments and trying to outlaw our supplements), the DEA (keeping the miracle drug marijuana — called so due to its anti-cancer and stress-relieving properties — illegal along with filling the jails with harmless pot smokers), not to mention whichever U.S. agency is behind GeoEngineering, may we all live a long and fruitful life!

See? I can end on a happy note. Sheesh.

*Hold your cursor over acronyms to see what they mean. Aren’t wordpress plug-in creators clever?

Sally Oh

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  • http://hotmail Dr. Manuel Salas

    Estimado Dr,Berkson; Soy Médico Venezolano y he visto con gran interés sus tratamientos para cáncer de hígado y otros. Si es posible me gustaría saber sobre los cursos que usted dicta y por favor indicar donde los dicte, cuanto duran, el costo de los mismos y que requisitos son necesarios.
    Gracias por la atención

    Dr. Manuel Salas

    • Sally

      Estimado Dr. Salas,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Dr. Berkson does not have an email address, but you can call him on the phone and talk to him about his treatments and how you can learn to do them.

      His contact information is here:

      Thank you for searching for alternative healing for your patients. Personally, I would always go this route first.


  • Renee

    My son has an appointment with Dr Berkson in July. I feel confident that he will help us. My son suffers from PSC (liver disease) and Ulcerative Colitis. So far, none of the UC have really made a difference for my son and I refuse to put him on Imuran. As for the liver, there is no real treatment so we are hopeful that Dr. Berkson’s therapies will help us.

    • Rene

      Hi Renee,
      I would try the diet from
      She helps many people get well from UC.
      Read her book “And they said it wasn’t Possible”


      • Sally Oh

        I had not heard of Karen. Thank you!

  • Renee

    Sorry, that message should have read ” So far, none of the UC medications have really made a differnce”

  • Bobbijean

    My mother had liver failure and past away in 2008..but your book and the implementation of ALA gave us 4 more years with her. I also was diagnosed with fatty liver recently and have implemented ALA…I thank Dr Berkson for his wonderful work.

    • Sally Oh

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this withea us — I think Dr. Berkson has discovered a cure. More people need to know!!! Good luck with your treatment!

  • JBG

    I’m puzzled by the picture of Steve Jobs that is included in your post but not commented about. Did he try the Berkson approach?

    • Sally_Oh

      No, sadly, he didn’t. I believe he’d be alive today. If you hold your cursor over the photo, you get a photo description that says that. I added that to the post — thank you.

      • JBG

        Before making my initial comment I searched hard to find out if Jobs had tried Berkson’s approach but could find nothing one way or the other. Do you have a source for believing he didn’t use Berkson? For obvious reasons, the question is an important one.

        • Sally_Oh

          I don’t have a source — I read it online (so it must be true.) I must have read it from a reliable source or else I wouldn’t have quoted it, but I don’t remember where. When I get a chance, I will look again. I did not read about Berkson specifically, just that Jobs would not do any alternative therapy. I would include Berkson in that.

          • JBG

            Sally, there must be some sort of misunderstanding. Jobs tried a number of alternative approaches, initially strongly rejecting what his doctors recommended. Here is one of many reports:

            “Steve Jobs died
            regretting that he had spent so long attempting to treat his cancer with
            alternative medicine before agreeing to undergo surgery, his biographer
            has disclosed.”


          • Sally_Oh

            It does not sound like Jobs tried Berkson’s approach. Obviously he did not try the right approach (sorry to sound so cold-hearted). There is also a point of no return when the cancer has won but we are still alive. I don’t think it gets more serious than Stage 4 pancreatic or lung cancer.

            Chemo did not cure Jobs. It has a 2% success rate… why anyone would try such a poison is due completely to our faith in men in white coats.

            My intent in writing articles about alternative therapies is so that we don’t wait until the we are diagnosed to understand cancer and to figure out what we will do if/when. I want to know NOW. I want to be prepared — there is a 1 in 2 chance my DH will get cancer, a 1 in 3 chance that I will. I know what I will do.

            I wonder why this is so important to you?

          • JBG

            Sally, the TRUTH is important to me.

            I love the title of your blog. ‘Fifty to Life’ is perfect (for folks like us over 50). I love your feisty style of writing. (I’m with you 100% about marijuana/etc.) And I love your wide-ranging investigations. To name just one example, after hearing from you about diatomaceous earth, I spent several hours learning about it, and I’ve ordered a slug of it in order to find out about it first hand.

            But, dammit, Sally. It’s important to get things RIGHT — especially when you are putting stuff out for the world to read. I’m sadly coming to the conclusion that things you say cannot be depended on. I can still learn things here — I know how to check things out. But I sure wish I could put a little more confidence in what you say in the first instance. And I worry about anybody who trusts what you say *without* checking it out.

          • Sally_Oh

            You are on the right track, lol. Please don’t trust everything I say and yes do your own research before bio-hacking. I read lots of blogs by experts and I don’t do what they say unless I research the bejesus out of it first.

            I don’t know how long you’ve been bio-hacking (I love that term), but the first few times I did it, I was terrified. Like taking dmsa for the frequent dose chelation therapy. Like taking de the first time. Iodine — although with iodine, I was so desperate to stop the hair loss, I would have suffered almost any side effect. Even after doing all the research and being on yahoo groups and all the bloggers.

            Now I’m more blase about it. I don’t have to do weeks of research before trying something.

            My question about why it matters about Jobs was because whether or not he tried it, it wasn’t really tied into the topic. It was more of an aside. If Jobs had tried Berkson’s protocol and it was unsuccessful, that would have been worth going on about. I didn’t research Jobs’ choice of therapies and I did read that he had not tried alternative therapies… but it was not an important point to me so I didn’t go any further with it.

            Berkson’s protocol and the successes with that are important. I wish Jobs had tried it.

            I believe we are about to legalize medical marijuana here. The state is desperately poor and CO and WA are raking in the big bucks. It’s desperately sad watching the legislators pretend they are compassionate when they are really just wanting to fill the pension coffers.

  • cherylpet

    I emailed Steve Jobs after I had heard his cancer had returned, and told him to go see Dr. Berkson. He had already had the cancer return quite some time, before I knew about it, so I was late in my recommendation. I did hear that he was planning a new treatment for cancer, and I wondered if it was from Dr. Berkson, but he died before he was able to do anything else. I keep wondering….