My Goal for 2012

This morning, while drinking my one cup of coffee, I was watching my chickens do what they do. This is what I do every morning. I love watching them even though they always do exactly the same thing: they eat, drink, poop, lay eggs. If there’s a rooster around, they submit. That’s it. That’s a chicken’s life. They can be territorial and some are ornery, no question. Other than that, they don’t think, they don’t rail, don’t resist, don’t wonder, and they don’t pray. They just be.

If you’ve read me for any length of time, you know I’ve been here before. But this time I mean it. My goal for 2012 is to reconcile my outrage with my serenity. I do have moments of serenity, honest. It’s just that the outrage is winning and I really need to reverse the proportions. The GERD is killing me and moments of serenity and, occasionally, happiness, seem to be getting further and further apart.

Actually: I’d like to have the outrage, the passion, whatever that thing is that drives us to fight injustice without the physical, spiritual and emotional repercussions. It must be possible. Ghandi did it. (I like to aim high.) And, agree with him or not, Dr. Paul has it. He maintains a positive attitude, is completely sane (maybe there’s my holdup, lol) while standing up to the beast. I want that ability.

Here’s how I plan to proceed:

1. A bit of exercise everyday: abs and push-ups (I can do 6 full-body push-ups — pretty good for an old broad. How many can you do?), a few yoga stretches. (Physical)

2. Be more consistent with my morning meditation. The payback from 20 quiet minutes cannot be beat. (Spiritual/Emotional)

3. Stop eating wheat. Wheat gives me the GERD-burn almost immediately. Plus, the first bite of bread makes me break out in a nice, long, attractive hacking cough. Weirdest thing, but it happens almost every time I take a bite of bread. It’s like my throat has to get used to it. But, whatever, wheat is out. At least for a year. Then I can re-evaluate. I already gave up sugar, which, surprisingly, was not that hard. (Physical)

4. Limit my “news hour” which is all online since we don’t have TV. It’s all bad and that’s when the outrage begins. (Emotional)

5. QTIP = Quit Taking it Personally. Life is not fair. Get used to it. On the other hand, I’m not ever going to give up reporting injustice and crimes against humanity. I just need to not wear it. I need to adopt the whole “loose garment” attitude. (Emotional)

6. Read more books. (Mental)

7. Keep my goals in mind. Acupuncture school is out. I want to want to be an acupuncturist, but I just don’t. I’m still very interested in the healing arts and have a few courses in mind, more to be revealed. My current business goal is have a bookstore/coffee shop/healing arts/marijuana dispensary (aiming high, remember?) A place where people come to talk, serving real food, a place to commune with my fellow earthlings. I love hanging out and eating and talking… seems like a good fit to me! (This would satisfy the holy trinity: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental.)

8. Have fun. Somewhere along the line I gave up having fun and replaced it with being pissed off. That can’t be good. I’m hereby adding the fun back in. (More holy trinity.)

I started today. I guess I’m aiming for the simple life of a chicken only more fun with some purpose thrown in there. How’s that for a New Year’s goal? Too high?

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7 comments to My Goal for 2012

  • Ron Souto

    I am going to Costa Rica for 2 weeks

  • Chuck

    Happy New Year!

    Random thoughts on your post:

    1) “you know I’ve been here before. But this time I mean it.” I’ve been *there* too :-) .
    2) Congrats on the push-ups!
    3) “marijuana dispensary (aiming high, remember?)” High? Pun intended?
    4) Just read this recently about a gratitude journal. Might be worth a shot:
    5) Re: point #8. Watch Top Gear (UK version). Best, funniest show on TV, even if you’re not a car buff. Can be found on Netflix & Amazon Instant Video if you don’t have cable TV and the BBC America channel. Here’s a great start that will make you feel happier in under two minutes:

  • Chuck

    Actually, this set of Top Gear funny bits is probably better than that other one:

  • Pun unintended but perfect! A gratitude journal is an excellent idea, thank you. I just wrote down 10 things in a notepad on my desktop. Keepin’ it real.

    Ok, Top Gear is pretty funny… I love watching grown men do silly stuff. Somewhere between Monty Python (maybe it’s just the accents) and Saturday Night Live. Definitely making room for more comedies and less 9/11 Documentaries!!!

  • Chuck

    If you love watching grown men do silly stuff then Top Gear is absolutely the show for you. I re-watched the police car challenge last night (which was featured in the YouTube clips). Loved their hysterical reaction to “Officer Barbie” Richard Hammond in his white & pink Suzuki mini-SUV. Most of the shows have a variety of bits, and usually once per season they have a big special challenge where they travel somewhere that at least appears to be dangerous (and probably is at least somewhat). The Botswana, Vietnam, Bolivia, and North Pole challenges are particularly good. Many of the full seasons are now on sale at the iTunes store: $5 for standard definition, and $8 for HD. A few of the specials packaged together for $10.

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