SSRIs, Suicides, Homicides: Solving the School Shooting Puzzle

1/1/13 UPDATE: SSRIs, Suicides, Homicides… Correlation or Causation?

People who can’t accept that SSRIs might actually cause suicidal/homicidal behavior love pointing out that, “while there may be correlation, causation has not been proven. There are many people who take SSRIs successfully.” Technically that is true. But there’s more to it.

At the very least, juries — who are presented facts from both sides — have found SSRIs to be the causative factor over and over again. Juries are the reason for the black box warning.

And what about that warning? The Correlation Crowd loves brushing that aside. I guess they think it’s a token gesture put in place by pharma companies. Really? They warn you right on the box that you might kill yourself, then when you kill yourself, it’s coincidence? Really? This is not even passable logic.

Plus, a quick perusal of SSRI lawsuits show that the vast majority of suitors were paid off with the stipulation that they not talk about it. And there are plenty of those lawsuits. Big Pharma must have deep pockets.

Ya think? We’re talking big money. Look at stocks. Look at what pills cost to manufacture and what they sell for each. These pockets are just one of the reasons a real study of causation will never be done.

Another reason is that the U.S. government has approved SSRIs… in fact, the U.S. gov buys millions of pills to give to veterans (who are killing themselves at the rate of 11 per day!) and school children! Were SSRIs found to cause suicides and mass murders, well, you can imagine the repercussions. This will never be allowed to happen.

Insisting it’s correlation means the C.C. gets to ignore any link until such a study is done. The fact this will never happen does not enter into their equation. How conveeenient — they get to ignore it forever. This is head-in-the-sand thinking.

I’m suggesting you think for yourselves. Put two and two together yourselves. SSRIs are handed out like candy to little kids, shrinking their brains, making them dependent for life. Step outside the correlation/causation paradigm, look at the evidence, study it — there’s a mountain available and many mainstream doctors, scientists, researchers providing it — make your own determination of causation/correlation. Perhaps we can prevent another tragedy.

Now back to the original blog post:

All I really want to write about are my puppies — that’s coming tomorrow. I had to get this off my chest first! The solution to the school shooting puzzle is right in front of us. Oh, that we had a media interested in facts. Pft. Their loss. We wanted facts, we went out and found them.

First, here’s the research-rationale pov at the political blog:

school shooting cause ssriHere’s Yer Trouble: The Truth About School Shooting Causes

Actually, that should read school shooting CAUSE ’cause there’s only one: SSRIs. Did you know that every mass murderer since 2000 (when documentation began in earnest) had been taking at least one SSRI? Including the woman who drowned her five children. Including Jeffrey Dahmer. Just two of the many SSRI killers who didn’t use a gun.

SSRIs popped up on our radar after Columbine, when demand for Americans to turn in our guns reached a frenzy. Seriously: blaming guns for murder is like blaming spoons for obesity. We started researching the tragedy and found Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy’s work uncovering this Big Pharma menace.

Continue reading here… (Be sure to watch the videos, very educational!)

And here’s the heart-food-”you are what you eat” pov well said by a fellow WAPF Chapter Leader on this, the ♥ blog:

Friends, such a terrible rampage could happen anywhere… even here in Sonoma Valley. Isn’’t it finally time to improve school food so our citizens will have good brain chemistry instead of bad?

Antidepressants are the top selling category of prescription drugs because brain chemistry matters! Our brains are so clever that we look everywhere but the school cafeteria for why kids fail and go crazy and get sick.

Instead, legislators blame teachers, bullying, bad parenting. But back a 100 years ago, guns were as available as now but people didn’t go crazy shooting rooms full of strangers. Could it be because they ate better then!! Beef was pastured, we ate bacon, eggs, and butter (all pastured), and we ate a fraction of the sugar we eat now.

Fluoride wasn’t in the water, and bromine wasn’t in furniture including beds (flame retardants) –both block absorption of important minerals like iodine and magnesium. The soil still had trace minerals and did NOT have pesticide residues. Additives (flavors, colors, preservatives) weren’t commonly used. GMOs weren’’t sharing genes with people’’s intestinal flora so that their own flora now secretes BT toxins. Dare I even mention vaccinal encephalitis from adjuvents like mercury and aluminum?

Wake up, folks, check out

Lauren Ayers
Chapter Leader,
Sonoma, CA

Thanks for listening. ♥ Here’s a teaser for tomorrow… what do you see?


school shooter cause ssri


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