Our Daily Supplements

When it comes to daily supplements, we don’t mess around. The soil, she ain’t what she used to be. It’s unlikely we get what we need from food. Thank you, FDA and USDA.

Until we have a greenhouse, growing our own food and chicken feed, we’re loading up on supplements.

Putting this puzzle together is confusing–there is a world of info out there and it took me years–literally YEARS–to figure out what to take, then how much to take. And that’s just for basic run-of-the-mill diesease-free health!

Our Daily Supplements:

  • ALA 600 mg
  • B Complex 50 (the boys take 100)
  • B12 1,000 mg
  • Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) 25,000 iu
  • Diatomaceous Earth 1T in the smoothie
  • Iodine Lugol’s solution 50 mg
  • LDN 4.5 mg (every morning)
  • Lysine 500 mg
  • Magnesium Oil 700 mg
  • Niacin 300 mg
  • Selenium 200 mcg
  • Vitamin C 2500mg
  • Vitamin D3 10,000 iu
  • Vitamin E 400 iu
  • Vitamin K500 mcg
  • Zinc 50 mg

We also take digestive enzymes formulated by Dr. Gonzalezfound here. We try to take 2-3 with every meal.

Remember, I’m not telling YOU what to take. I’m telling you what WE take. The FDA has forbidden me to give advice, so of course I never would. Unless you called me and asked.

#1 Rule For Daily Supplements

No GMO ingredients whenever possible. The product has to say “No GMO” on the label, or be corn, soy, canola, and/or cottonseed-free. Most Vitamin C products contain ascorbic acid which is usually made from corn. Any vitamins made with corn, soy, canola or cottonseed oil is GMO unless the label says non-GMO. GMOs are proven poisons. Take them at your peril.

Where to Buy Daily Supplements

We have been shopping at iHerb.com for years. Their prices are good, they have a review process, free shipping on orders over $40, your account remembers all your history for years.

I’ve been trying out DrVita.com, many of the same products as iHerb.com. I’d recommend either store, it just really depends on the interface that works for you.

So… What Exactly Are All These Daily Supplements?

I research vitamins on the Linus Pauling Institute website or the Weston A Price website.

♥ ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) 600mg  Found here. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a hugely powerful antioxidant! Dr. Berkson wrote a very good book on the topic. Everything you ever wanted to know about ALA is in this book. Dr. Berkson’s successful cancer treatment is based on ALA and LDN. We started with 300mg, worked up to 600. You need to take Vitamin B with ALA because ALA uses it up.

♥ B-50 complex Found here. Essential if you take ALA. Even if you eat a ton of meat.

♥ B12 1000mcg Found here. Again, unless you eat a ton of meat, your brain needs LOTS of this! Methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin.

♥ Beta Carotene 25,000 iu We get it here. Haven’t found a non-GMO yet. Surely it’s out there… If you know of one, please share in the comments! Thank you.

♥ Diatomaceous earth (food grade, not the pool stuff): 1 Tbsp in a glass of water. Found here. Tastes like muddy water because, well, it is. You don’t taste it in the smoothie. If you are not a smoothie person, mix 1 T in a glass of water and swill. Yummy! Last time, I bought 50lbs. Should last us for awhile…

♥ Iodine: either Lugol’s solution or Iodoral tabletsWe take 50mg of Lugol’s a day in our smoothies. I used to take much more when I was recovering from the hospital adventure. Yeah, you have to recover from a hospital stay. I have had excellent results with Iodine and I would not go without it. It also protects from radiation. If the Lugol’s link does not work, search “full_orchestra ebay.”

LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) 4.5mg LDN is used to boost one’s immune system. This requires a prescription. Or a good pharmacy in India or Mexico. This is a good place to start for a naltrexone education. I joined the yahoo group — you’ll see a link about halfway down the page. An active Yahoo group on any topic is worth its weight in gold. Seriously.

♥ L-Lysine 500mg Found here. 2x day when sick, 1x a day when well. Also powder.

♥ Magnesium oil 10 drops 2x day rubbed on feet, inner arm and/or hips. I make my own mag oil, so easy. I buy Mag Chloride flakes (3lbs which should last the four of us quite a while!) I mix 2/3 cup of Mag Chloride and 1/3 cup of filtered water in a mason jar and stir. In about 15 minutes, the flakes are all dissolved, the mixture goes from cloudy to clear, and I have mag oil. It actually feels oily. Sometimes there is a bit of a sting after putting it on, but not bad.

After 8 years of reading, I consider Magnesium a miracle cure for many ailments. I wouldn’t go without it. I can also drink this: 10 drops in water 2x a day. But Magnesium is hard on the bowels like Vit C. Transdermally, we get more of the good, no effect on bowels and we can take more at a time.

♥ Niacin 500mg Found here. We use the flush. Excellent for detox. I’ve read that the non-flush is hard on the liver and, anyway, there’s just not enough known about the non-flush. We’ve taken niacin for so long, there’s rarely a flush anymore.

♥ Selenium 200mcg Found here. Good for everything. Essential if you don’t eat a lot of meat or Brazil nuts.

♥ Vit C 2500mg. Found here. This is in powder form; we use in the smoothie. You need to build “bowel tolerance” because it makes ya go.  This is the only one I’ve found that is non-GMO.

♥ Vit D3 5000iu Found here. This is made with olive oil, non-GMO, as far as I know. You want one made with non-GMO oil, organic if possible. That means no soy, corn, canola or cottonseed (unless the label says it was made with a non-GMO version of this oil). Ditto for any other oil-based supplements like E and A.

♥ Vit E 400 iu Found here. This is a new product and is non-GMO! Relatively expensive but look for the price to drop as the bandwagon catches on! YAY!!!

♥ Vit K2 500mcg Found here.

♥ Zinc 30-50mg Found here. Do not get the kind with copper in it. Essential for prostate.

♥ Folate (Folic acid) 400mcg. Found here. We don’t take this right now since the B-50 has this already. If you take extra folate for whatever reason, just be sure to take folate, not folic acid.

What’s In the Smoothie?

Kefir (1/2 cup per person), raw honey (to taste), coconut oil (1 T per person), banana, raw pastured egg (1 per person, 2 if this is breakfast), flavorings to taste (we like cinnamon and/or vanilla).

Then the goodies: DE, iodine, C, Lysine. I put the LDN in after the blend and I only blend enough to get the powder and banana to mesh. Yummy!

What Else Could One Do to Stay Healthy?

Probiotics via supplements or via unpasteurized fermented foods like kefir, whole milk yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi. Store-bought yogurt and kefir are pasteurized, then have had probiotics added back in. Not the way nature intended, but this is the easiest way to get probiotics away from home.

♥ Eat a raw organic non-irradiated garlic clove once a day: crush the clove, mince, mix with honey, swallow. I mince it teensy because it goes down easier that way. Crush it first, then wait 11 minutes — crushing releases allicin which is the pertinent compound! Garlic is believed to kill parasites and to be good for lung health.

♥ 2-4 Tbsp organic coconut oil everyday. (Or get the deal in a smaller quantity at DrVita.com!) I put a Tbsp in my coffee every morning, 1/2 – 1 Tbsp in my tea during the day and cook with it as much as possible. Why? It’s antibacterial — I put it on a cut and watch the healing begin! It also numbs the cut which is a bonus. I threw away all my Neosporin. Plus, coconut oil has been shown to fight dementia and coconut oil is full of good fats and enzymes.

♥ Honey: The only sweetener I use (except for cane sugar to make kombucha). We have an excellent source of local raw honey which we use for daily living.

♥ SAMe Found here. Someone in our house was not feeling up to his usual cheery self. We tried this, worked like a charm almost IMMEDIATELY. I highly recommend it. Also good for joint health which we old farts could use some help with!

♥ Fish oil tablets, 2 after meals. We don’t take fish oil. We should. One day, we will.

♥ Colloidal Silver Since we take iodine every day, we don’t take silver regularly. All four of us got a mild case of flu this year (because we hadn’t been diligent with our supplements during the move to the farm). Colloidal silver knocked it right back! I have used it on external wounds, dropped it in my eyes and taken it internally, all with no harm and relief of the problem. It’s a must have for my first aid cabinet.

Since I still have a really nasty cough from the hospital, I’m going to nebulize colloidal silver. Got my Omron nebulizer here. I’m thinking about getting a colloidal silver generator. It’s on my to do list which is a mile long!

All of which will get done, because, yes, I expect to live forever :)


The FDA is worried about us. So worried, in fact, that in order to protect us from ourselves and evil vitamin-makers, it is working hard to “harmonize” our supplements. Meaning it wants to make some prescription only and others available only in tiny doses so that getting enough to do us some good will be prohibitively expensive. Death by vitamin is so rare as to be nonexistent. Whereas, people die from pharmaceuticals used as prescribed all the time.

Updated 5/4/14


Sally lives in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky with her husband of 20+ years and two gigantic sons. She is a Weston A. Price chapter leader and blogs to meet like-minded farm food freedom advocates. She's hoping you join us in the real food rEVOLution!
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  • Debi Ellis

    I love this information you have especially on the coconut oil. I thought I knew all the benefits but did not know of the antibacterial on cuts! Thanks so much. Love your blog!!

  • http://www.fiftytolife.com/who/ Sally

    It’s funny, I was frying something the other day and the hot coconut oil popped up and got me just above my lip and beside my eye. Blistered up beautifully, about 1/4 inch circle, like a cigarette burn… I put coconut oil on them to heal! Takes away the burn, no itch and healed in 3 days. No scar, although I don’t know if that would have left one. Great stuff!

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  • Sally_Oh

    Hi JBG, Thank you for all that info. I will look into all of it.

    Re. Beta Carotene, I no longer rely on wikipedia for my nutrition info or even as a good source for anything anymore. It is “owned” by big Pharma. I updated the Gerson Therapy page on wiki and seconds after I was done, it reverted back to the lies that were on there before. I went through that exercise twice more and both times, the page reverted back to the lies immediately. Since then, I don’t trust wiki and rarely go there anymore.

    I have read much on this topic and Vit A in huge doses is not harmful except in rare circumstances. Doctors used to prescribe it in 300,000 doses for kids with acne until a prescription medication was created. Suddenly, Vit A is dangerous and Accutane is safe. Except Accutane IS Vit A and the side effects are long and scary: http://www.drugs.com/dosage/isotretinoin.html

    We’ve been taking this regime for a few years now and no problems. However, I am not a scientist so I’m sure I miss the finer points.

    Oops, that is not the K I take, at least not anymore. I take this: http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-MK-7-Vitamin-K-2-100-mcg-60-Veggie-Caps/36220. I used to take a plain K until I discovered the K2 difference. This post was originally part of another post from a couple of years back.

    We are also going to be making our own raw butter from grass-fed cows which is the best natural source for Vit K.

    I’ll have to re-read up on the Vit E — thank you for sharing all that. always good to re-investigate.

    • JBG

      Glad you fixed the vitamin K2 link in the supplement list, Sally, so it goes to the supplement you’re using now, and not the old K1 one.

      • Sally_Oh

        :) We are in the throes of moving (again) so have not really updated this entire post… It’s on the list.

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