How to Make Magnesium Oil my homemade magnesium oil -- so simple to make! Magnesium is like a miracle supplement. We humans are all pretty deficient since our soil is so bad these days. After 8 years of reading, I consider Magnesium a miracle cure for many ailments. I wouldn’t go without it.

The problem with taking Magnesium is that it is hard on the bowels. You have to build up tolerance, then maintain it. Mag OIL, on the other hand, isn’t hard on your bowels at all because it doesn’t go there. When you rub it on, it skips your digestive system. Also, taking anything transdermally, you get more of the good straight to your body. Since there’s no effect on the bowels, we can take more at a time.

I know I’m making some pretty fantastic claims with no references but I will come back and add them in. A friend asked me how to make mag oil and I wanted to get this up online!

How to Make Mag Oil:

Mix 2/3 cup of Mag Chloride and 1/3 cup of filtered water in a mason jar and swirl. In about an hour, the flakes are all dissolved and I have mag oil. It actually feels oily. That’s it. Too easy, I know!

Where to Buy Magnesium Chloride Flakes

I bought my Mag Chloride flakes from The 3lbs I bought 4 years ago is only 1/3 gone. He has revamped his website and I need to ask him if the magnesium chloride I found on this page is the same as what I bought before. I’ll let you know what I find out!

How to Take Mag Oil:

I have mine in a little spray bottle I bought at a health food store. I spray 10 spritzes on my inner thigh, love handles (any fatty tissue) or on my feet and rub in. It feels like oil even though it’s not. Go figure!

You can also drink this: 10 drops in water (or something) 2x a day.

I will do the math later as well so we know how much mag we are getting! I did this once but can’t find it. Sigh.

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