Alternative Medicine: Dr. Burt Berkson and His Work on Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer and All Manner of Liver Disease

I would say, Alternative Medicine: Berkson’s Work Curing Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer and All Manner of Liver Disease, but the FDA* would put me in jail for making unsubstantiated claims. Since Berkson can’t afford to do the zillion-dollar studies required by the FDA to substantiate claims, and since I guess cured people don’t count (seriously?), any claims made about a couple of frickin’ vitamins curing cancer would . . . → Read More

Hemochromatosis Alert: 3000 ng/mL

Better sit down. That is my dear husband’s ferritin count: 3,000 nanograms per millileter. Normal is 30-400 ng/mL. Yeah. We are in shock over here. My iron man is actually laying down. His TIBC (total iron-binding capacity) is 96%. Normal is 40. His body works overtime keepin’ that iron. About 10 years ago, in Key West, Hal went to give blood, as he often does. Er, did. He is O+ which is pretty valuable blood. O- donors are the universal donors. Anyone can . . . → Read More