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Chelation Post #2

I’m still sizzling hot on the autism-heavy metal poisoning-chelation [key-LAY-shun] topic, and proceeding accordingly. I’m going to document my journey here because, well, this is my diary. I promise not to talk about my yeast infection… although yeast is a pretty fascinating subject these days. And germane. You’ll see. Here’s post #1, btw.

Dear Diary,

I’ve been faithfully reading every word on the nine ten yahoo groups I joined (the new one is Enzymes & Autism.) No, autism is not really my family’s problem, but these groups are where one finds out about heavy metal poisoning and . . . → Read More: Chelation Post #2


We love buddah. Not Buddha (although a little awakening did take place.) I’m talkin’ about buddah: creamy, light yellow, a little salty. Yum. Buddah-loving goes back a long way in my family. Mom says, when she was little, Granny Boo would make her sugar sandwiches: white bread smeared with creamy soft buddah and a thick coat of white sugar. I don’t think I could eat one of those today. The heartburn would probably kill me. Although, if presented with one at a friend’s house, I would probably put my best foot forward and suffer . . . → Read More: Buddah