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On Turning 55, Salmon Heaven and the Coffee Thing

Yesterday was my 55th birthday — YAY!!!!! During the last week I was in San Juan de Dios, the head nurse of my ward, Ester, had her 55th birthday. She was so happy. I told her I was 54. She looked at me with a smile and said (in Spanish, which, I’ll have you know, I understood): “I’ll bet all you want is to turn 55.” You got that right. Almost dying permanently changes your perspective on a lot of things. Like getting older. Now, I can’t WAIT. What a blessing.

The Coffee Thing: I am no longer addicted to coffee and . . . → Read More: On Turning 55, Salmon Heaven and the Coffee Thing

Plan A: DLPA

According to Plan A of the Coffee Quitting Quest, at 6am this morning, I took two 500mg DLPA*. By 9:30, I was jumpy and my heart was pounding. Plus, I wanted coffee. Not crazy for coffee like usual, just mildly obsessing. I could have done without it, but by ten, I just didn’t feel right, a little speedy. So, naturally, I had two tiny cups of coffee, just to calm myself down. Worked like a charm. Coffee is kinda like aspirin: it finds where you hurt and makes it all better.

Clearly, some are sicker than others.

Tomorrow, I go to . . . → Read More: Plan A: DLPA