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Dude, Where’s My Yard?

This is ridiculous. It’s only December 6th and it’s been snowing for three days. It will be 12°F (twelve, the twelve that is close to ten which is just 10 numbers above ZERO) tonight. High of 21°F tomorrow. TWENTY-ONE.

Oh. My. God. What have we done???? Today, we were actually talking about how Texas might be the perfect place for us. And how moving is not so bad, really.

Then I got Scott Oliver’s newsletter from Costa Rica with information about this incredible Costa Rica property for sale. I want this. I want it now. Tonight. . . . → Read More: Dude, Where’s My Yard?

Some eh-Splainin’

When an expat moves back to the native kingdom from their selected soil, gossip hell breaks loose in local forums and coffee shops. Everyone wants to know: “Why?” Since at least 90% of ex-expats never eh-splain why, the rest of us ponder aloud, hoping we are not next in the long line of “expat failures.” ¡Qué vergüenza! Indeed.

Well, I don’t feel like a failure. I feel like a huge winner: I got to move from what has always been considered the greatest country on the planet (in many ways, it still is) to the sweetest country on the planet . . . → Read More: Some eh-Splainin’

Costa Rica: On 7,000 Marines, Legalizing Marijuana, and Forcing GMOs

Last Saturday, I was at the Freedom Rally in Frankfort, KY. Yay, freedom! One of the best things for me about being back in the states is getting to participate in the political process. I am a political junkie right now. I must like frustration and being angry, eh?

Christina Tobin was there, too. She is the founder of FreeAndEqual.org, an organization dedicated to making sure all candidates have access to the ballot so the voters know their choices for representation. She is a dynamo, a go-getter and doesn’t let ANYTHING stand in . . . → Read More: Costa Rica: On 7,000 Marines, Legalizing Marijuana, and Forcing GMOs