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My days are not my own right now, too much going on in this little house! Here’s what’s happening:

The boys got their GEDs! YAY! In the accompanying cover letter, Governor Beshear writes, “It takes a great deal of study and preparation, as well as persistence, to reach this goal.” Really? The boys have not been engaged in formal study for three years. They needed no review or study to pass. Not to take anything away from them: they are clearly above average and are among the nicest, funniest, kindest teens you would ever hope to meet in your . . . → Read More: Milestones

It’s Official:

I’m now the Lexington, KY chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation! Yay! Here’s my (unpaid) job description:

Local chapters help you find locally-grown organic and biodynamic vegetables, fruits and grains; and milk products, butter, eggs, chicken and meat from pasture-fed animals. They also represent the Weston A Price Foundation at local fairs and conferences and may host cooking classes, potluck dinners and other activities to help you learn to integrate properly prepared whole foods into your lifestyle. Local chapters may be able to put you in touch with health practitioners who share our philosophy and goals.

I’ll be at . . . → Read More: It’s Official: