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Happy Anniversary, Salomé

Thank you for being there with me. I am forever grateful you saved my life while making the four days I was in a coma so magical. The rest of my family and friends were in a complete panic and I was having one of the most interesting times of my life… hardly seems fair, right?

Last Friday (April 8th if you want to put it in your calendar) was the anniversary of the day I went into the hospital knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door.

Yes, I’m sure it was heaven. If there is one. And, no, . . . → Read More: Happy Anniversary, Salomé

“How Are You Feeling?”

I’ve been getting that a lot lately, combined with seriously concerned looks, both in Kentucky and here in Costa Rica. I was wondering why until I happened to catch myself in the mirror last night. You know, just regular, without the posing. It was a little scary: the hair. No wonder people look at me like I might break! Here’s what they see:

Scared yet? Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! That little bald spot in front is attractive, yes? I can’t dye my hair because what’s left will probably dissolve. It’s all dry and stiff, un-tame-able and creepy feeling. You can’t really see . . . → Read More: “How Are You Feeling?”