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Strawberry Ginger Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

This is vying for first place for greatest dessert ever. Seriously, it’s that good. Here’s how to make it:

1 Qt. strawberries

1 Chunk of fresh ginger: about 2 fingers, peeled

1 Dash (filtered) water

1 Tb confectioner’s sugar

Remove green tops from strawberries and chop up, set aside in bowl. Mince ginger fine in the Cuisinart, adding a dash of water to help it purify.

Add the confectioner’s sugar (or honey or Xylitol) to the ginger at the last blast in the mixer. Add ginger to the strawberries, stirring well. Freeze until almost frozen — not sure how long it was… . . . → Read More: Strawberry Ginger Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

The Greatest Dessert EVER

When I get a yearning for something sinfully sweet, it is usually ice cream. Mostly I quell my sweet-tooth with either a bit of dark chocolate (doesn’t take much) or a little yogurt with honey and raisins. But tonight I could hear Chunky Monkey calling my name from Kroger’s two miles away…

Hal, who does not want me to BE a chunky monkey, steps up to the plate and literally whips up this lovely, completely satisfying concoction: fresh strawberries, grapes cut in half, pumpkin seeds, freshly whipped real cream with a little raw sugar and minced vanilla bean, topped . . . → Read More: The Greatest Dessert EVER

Birthday Feast: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Store-Bought Chocolate Cake

Yeah, we are gore-METS. Just pulled out all the stops for Ryan’s 18th birthday! Does he look happy or what?

Kidding aside, we all think this is the best home-cooked meal we’ve put together since Thanksgiving! Notice the “we”? I was the sous chef, plus I made the mashed potatoes and the honey mustard sauce all by myself. See? You can teach an old girl new tricks!

The original plan was to go out with the family, but we had to call it off because we just got about 5″ of snow. Five inches doesn’t sound like . . . → Read More: Birthday Feast: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Store-Bought Chocolate Cake

Simply Awesome Recipe/Video: French Onion Soup & Beef stock

Last night, my personal chef made us French onion soup. Here’s the recipe. Re. Beef stock: see video at the bottom. All the French chefs do it just this way! . . . → Read More: Simply Awesome Recipe/Video: French Onion Soup & Beef stock

Recipe Challenged: Pumpkin Squash Soup

I don’t like to cook. I love watching the food channel cooks in action, love scouring recipe books, reading about food, the discovery, the investigation. But cooking is a mystery to me. I have no intuition, no sense of fun or adventure, and, worse, it’s a chore. Kinda sad. Funny I’d have a real food blog, eh? Maybe I’ll change my perspective along the way!

I do LOVE to eat, however, especially real foods. Luckily, I married an ex-restaurateur who can forage in an empty pantry and come up with a yummy meal! He is as into real food as I am, . . . → Read More: Recipe Challenged: Pumpkin Squash Soup

On Turning 55, Salmon Heaven and the Coffee Thing

Yesterday was my 55th birthday — YAY!!!!! During the last week I was in San Juan de Dios, the head nurse of my ward, Ester, had her 55th birthday. She was so happy. I told her I was 54. She looked at me with a smile and said (in Spanish, which, I’ll have you know, I understood): “I’ll bet all you want is to turn 55.” You got that right. Almost dying permanently changes your perspective on a lot of things. Like getting older. Now, I can’t WAIT. What a blessing.

The Coffee Thing: I am no longer addicted to coffee and . . . → Read More: On Turning 55, Salmon Heaven and the Coffee Thing

Rainforest Salad

Photos of food are hard. Especially half-eaten food. But I couldn’t take the time to pretty up this bowl because I was afraid someone else would come along and eat it before I could. Have I mentioned that Hal can cook? Oh man. He can go into a kitchen that contains no food at all – NONE – and whip up something tasty. I’ve seen him do it.

For the Rainforest Salad, he had ingredients. All fresh and fabulous. I guess this is sorta like a Waldorf Salad only no raisins, no walnuts, no cheese, no vinegary dressing. Maybe . . . → Read More: Rainforest Salad