This page should be called “Wacky Treatments” but then it wouldn’t fit the top line over the banner! This is my newest idea: a listing of the wacky treatments I’ve tested on myself and/or my family and what happened. So far, we are still alive! Sometimes even better for it.

Boron: Read this–fascinating. Boron cures pretty much everything, lol. As you might already know, if the FDA wants to ban it, I want some NOW. So I made a concentrate of 1 tsp. borax (20 mule team) in a quart of distilled water, then we take 1 tsp of that concentrate once or twice a day. This one tsp has about 30 mg borax which = 3 mg of boron, a therapeutic dose. I started researching this in earnest for Hal’s arthritis and his ankles. If you want to be a farmer, you have to be able to walk!!!

Colloidal Silver: I’ve put it in my eyes and plenty in my body. Zero bad effects. Cures my eye trouble–I get pain in my left eye, I think from eye strain. Hurts like a headache. I put a drop of two in my eye and the pain goes AWAY. Weird, but yay! If I feel a cold coming on, I put a few droppers-full under my tongue and no cold. Great stuff.

DMSO: Hal bought some in a bottle at the Cave City machine gun shoot. Tonight, we put some on his hands (arthritis) and his ankles (no cartilage so the guy can hardly walk) and my throat (looking for a miracle cure for my voice). I’ll keep you posted! Although we didn’t buy this brand, there’s good info on DMSO here.

LDN: Cures cancer by stimulating your immune system. Research Berkowitz and alpha lipoic acid. We buy online but you can get it by prescription in a cream or pills. If you have a cool doctor.

Sally Oh lives in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky with her husband of 21 years and two gigantic sons. She is a Weston A. Price chapter leader and blogs to meet like-minded farm food freedom advocates. She’s hoping you join us in the real food rEVOLution!

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